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Behind The Scenes REVIEW of Book Selling 101 By Jim Pickin’s

Behind The Scenes REVIEW of Book Selling 101 By Jim Pickin’s

Hey, I wanted to share with you a complete behind the scenes review of one of my favorite book selling courses, ” Book Selling 101 ” by Jim Pickins.

( See The FULL REVIEW VIDEO at the bottom of this page )

In the review video below I bring you inside the members area of the course and show you EVERYTHING that’s inside…. ( This is my FAVORITE book selling course under $100 )

===> Watch The Full Behind The Scenes Video Here

Oh ya I forgot to mention….

If you missed last night’s show with Jim Pickin’s here’s the replay.

We discussed exactly how to start a profitable book selling business on Amazon. People loved the show and there was a ton of amazing information revealed that can help you to get started.

I truly hope you enjoy the transparency of the video and if you liked the content be sure to check out Jim’s course here.

  • Furi

    Hi Steve,

    My Name is Byron. I’ve been watching your Youtube series and just setup my first FBA account. I really appreciate all the information you are giving the public on your channel. I have a question for you. What do you do when you have a book that doesn’t have a barcode with an ISBN number? I recently went to a garage sale and the owners had a box of books that were free! So of course I took them all but most of the books were religious books with no ISBN number. I could scan the front with the amazon seller app and it would show the book with multiple results. One of the results would show 200$ selling then another would show 20$ and another would show 10$ all for the same book. I would look to see if I could find an edition or something unique about the book to try to narrow it down but really couldn’t get a great answer. How do you go about selling that book? I’m not sure where to price it. I’d really appreciate your advice on this or if you could direct me to a video you put out explaining it. For example one of the books is GRIEF SHARE: Your Journey From Mourning to Joy. Another book is this on https://www.amazon.com/Good-News-Modern-Man-Testament/dp/B001EK9TIY/ref=pd_ybh_a_11?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=CB9CJ6FRJNZW9G2R962D. It’s listed for 1000$! the other ones that are way less are not the one I have the one I have is the one in the link.

    Thank you,

    • Steve Raiken

      If the book doesn’t have a barcode I will typically use the Amazon Seller App to scan the cover. What’s cool is the app actually has technology now to locate the book by only scanning the cover, it’s super awesome! It’s important to use the data given by the app to make intelligent buying decisions. Always factor the selling price, profits, feedback, rank, and competition ofcourse!