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RPS #083 – How I Went From $23K in Debt to $150,000 Net Worth in 5 Years
How I Went from $23K in Debt to $150,000 Net Worth in 5 Years Here’s the bottom line: I went from dead broke to having about $150,000 in net worth in five years. Are you wondering how I did that? The way I can tell you is to give you ... Read More
RPS #082 – Ebay For Beginners – 5 Tips To Make Your First $1000 Selling On Ebay
eBay for Beginners: 5 Tips to Make Your First $1,000 Selling on eBay If you are new selling on eBay, you may be concerned about hitting the milestone of making that first $1,000. In all the years I’ve been selling on eBay, I’ve learned a lot. And I’m not going ... Read More
RPS #081 – Last Night We Were Heroes… Lessons Learned – How We Unlocked
Last Night We Were Heroes…Lessons Learned: How We Unlocked Our Inner Genius My buddy and I were heroes yesterday at my softball tournament. And it had nothing to do with hitting balls and running the bases. The softball games—the tournament was a fundraiser and a pretty big event—began at about ... Read More
RPS #080 – Turning $5 YouTube Super chat into $40 Profit at Goodwill!
Turning $5 YouTube Super Chat into $40 Profit at Goodwill! One day a viewer of my YouTube channel sent me a $5 Super Chat in the YouTube comments, which I appreciated greatly. I told her I was going to go over to Goodwill and make some money with that $5 ... Read More
RPS #079 – How To Get Lucky and Find The Best Deals At Your Local Thrift Stores
How to Get Lucky and Find the Best Deals at Your Local Thrift Stores I’ve been selling on eBay, Amazon, and craigslist for several years now. It always makes me smile when people ask me how I always seem to “get lucky” finding the best deals at the thrift stores. ... Read More
RPS #078 – STOP Sweating The Small Stuff Selling on eBay
STOP Sweating the Small Stuff Selling on eBay When I was a new eBay seller, I used to get so stressed out about little tiny things—like a return. I would always include measurements for my clothing and would say no returns. And some customer would want to return or a ... Read More