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RPS #100 – The Power of Speaking Your Reality into Existence
The Power of Speaking Your Reality into Existence Over the years, one thing that I’ve done before I’ve actually achieved a goal—whether that was a financial goal, a business goal, or maybe a fitness health goal—is I’ve always spoken it into existence. I would repeat affirmations. I would write down ... Read More
RPS #099 – Working 15 Hours a Day ⏰Isn’t Sustainable 😡( For Most People )
Working 15 Hours a Day Isn’t Sustainable (for Most People) Do you know Gary Vaynerchuk? He runs a huge social media company; he’s probably worth more than $100 million. Gary V. has been known to work for 15 hours a day, seven days a week. He’s got a crazy YouTube ... Read More
RPS #098 – My Friends Expect me to Lower my Standards for Them…
My Friends Expect Me to Lower My Standards for Them Something I heard Tony Robbins once say during a conference really made me think about my health and my life. This is something that I feel will bring a lot of value to you and really open up your eyes, ... Read More
RPS #097 – Is This Killing My Customers Selling on eBay?
Is This Killing My Customers Selling on eBay? In response to one of the videos I did about starting a clothing business on eBay, I received a comment about a tip I suggested. Someone got a little worked up over my suggesting that you cut a piece from a dryer ... Read More
RPS #096 – My Customer Is Abusing The Return Policy Selling on eBay
My Customer Is Abusing the Return Policy Selling on eBay I have often been asked, “Steve, what do you do about repeat returners?” So this is the basic issue. What happens if you’re selling on eBay, and you notice that somebody returns an item, and then maybe a couple weeks ... Read More
RPS #095 – How to Get 50% OFF Full Priced Items At Thrift Stores ( I Literally Just Did This)
How to Get 50 Percent Off Full-Priced Items at Thrift Stores (I Literally Just Did This) Let me tell you a story. I was at the thrift store the other day, and I went with my good friend Vinnie. We went out to Savers, and we were there hanging out. ... Read More