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RPS #116 – How To Make MORE Money On Ebay Running Sales In Your Ebay Store
How to Make MORE Money on eBay Running Sales in Your eBay Store Recently, I was asked about running sales on eBay. The reseller wanted to know if I used eBay’s markdown manager, what types of sales I ran, and when I ran those sales (weekdays vs. weekends). When it ... Read More
RPS #115 – The Truth Behind Rapidly Rising Prices At Corporate Thrift Stores Across America
The Truth Behind Rapidly Rising Prices at Corporate Thrift Stores across America A lot of people think that the main goal of thrift stores is to give their customers the cheapest possible products. I’m telling you guys right now, that’s not the case at all. For the majority of thrift ... Read More
RPS #114 – Is It Worth Paying All The FEES On Ebay And Amazon?
Is It Worth Paying All the FEES on eBay and Amazon? Is it worth selling on eBay and Amazon with all the fees? I get this question all the time. So eBay’s got about 12 or 13 percent in fees. That includes insertion fees, final value fees, and PayPal fees. ... Read More
RPS #113 – How Much Money Can You Really Make On Ebay?
How Much Money Can You Really Make on eBay? The other day, I had someone ask me, “How much money can I make on eBay? Can I make $10,000 a month?” I get this question so often. And my answer is always that when it comes to selling on eBay, ... Read More
RPS #112 – Best Product Category For New Resellers On Ebay And Amazon?
Best Product Category for New Resellers on eBay and Amazon I know it’s tough when you're new. I know it’s tough when you’re trying to figure out what to sell and what type of items to get involved with. You probably see all these other YouTubers and people on Facebook ... Read More
RPS #111 – 5 Signs You’re NOT Cut Out To Be Selling On Amazon FBA
5 Signs You’re NOT Cut Out to Be Selling on Amazon FBA I’ve realized over the years that certain people just aren’t cut out to be selling on Amazon FBA. I’ve met eBay sellers who are awesome eBay sellers. But once they move over to Amazon, it just doesn’t seem ... Read More