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RPS #043 – Are You Planting Seeds 🌱For A Better Tomorrow
Are You Planting Seeds for a Better Tomorrow? In one of videos, I was testing out a brand-new phone. It was an Apple iPhone 8S Plus that I upgraded from the iPhone 6S Plus. The reason I wanted to get a new phone was, well, first and foremost, I am ... Read More
RPS #042 – Start Waking up Early

RPS #042 – Start Waking up Early

Start Waking up Early One of the best habits that you can start building right away is waking up early every single morning. Now, yes, you are allowed to give yourself a day here and there if you want to sleep in. You don’t want to fall behind on sleep—say, ... Read More
RPS #041 – 7 Things I Desperately Wish I Had Known When I Started Amazon FBA
7 Things I Desperately Wish I Had Known When I Started on Amazon If you are looking to start an Amazon FBA business, you will have many things to learn. Right away, allow yourself to be receptive. Be receptive to everything that people have to say out there. Keep your ... Read More
RPS #040 – How I Purchased My Dream Car In Cash
Transforming Your Dream into Your Reality One of the dreams I had over the last year was purchasing my dream car. I have it now and have been loving it. And now I want to break down for you exactly how I made acquiring my dream car a reality. Dreams ... Read More
RPS #038 – How to Private Label on Amazon FBA

RPS #038 – How to Private Label on Amazon FBA

In this episode we discuss how to start a private label business on Amazon with Nick Landowski of The Private Labeler Show. Nick has built a successful private label product business on Amazon and shares with us his best tips and tricks for how to make money selling on Amazon. ... Read More