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3 Tips to Boost Sales In Your Ecommerce Business

One of the most common questions we receive from new members inside our Green Room community is what is the easiest and fastest way possible to boost sales.

After seeing this asked so many times, we wanted to cut right to the chase and answer this question for you here.

Below we share with you three tips that can have a huge impact when it comes to making more sales and growing your business.

Tip #1: Scale Up What Is Working Best

Regardless of what business you are running (be it eBay, Amazon, craigslist, Etsy, or even a lemonade stand), you need to take the time to analyze what is working best and scale that up.

As an example, let’s say you are selling on Amazon FBA. Break down all the categories of products you have sold over the last year, and get a feel for which categories are making you the most money. Once you learn this information, you can then ask yourself if there is any way you could increase the scale of this particular area of your business.

From my experience, I have found that many people already know what their most profitable product categories are, but they never take the next step and ask themselves the question of how to scale up that aspect of their business!

We only have so much time in the day. Realizing that fact is crucial. If we want to grow our business to its highest potential, it’s only wise that we focus on scaling what is working best to achieve the greatest results possible.

Once you complete reading this email in full, I want you to take a few minutes to determine what part of your business is making you the most money. Then brainstorm how you can scale that up!

Tip #2: Create a Set Schedule for Sourcing, Listing, and Shipping

scheduleThe second tip we always recommend for people looking to boost sales and make more money is to create a schedule for all the most important actions in their business.

From our experience, we’ve found that having a set schedule for when you will be sourcing new products, shipping items, listings items, and everything else that goes along with your business is vital.

But in addition to having a set schedule, you need to make the commitment to follow through.

Countless studies have been done on the formation of habits. Depending on the person, a new habit can take anywhere from three to twelve weeks to form.

So get in the habit today of following through on your commitments and the schedule you set forth for yourself. Before you know it, the routine of taking action on the most important things in your business will become second nature.

Tip #3: Get Around Like-Minded People, Learn What Others Are Doing, and Model Success

The famous quote by Jim Rohn goes, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” This stands so true when it comes to the results you will achieve in business. If you want to make more money, then you will need to surround yourself with people who are already making it happen.

like mindedLet’s say you have been running an eBay business for three years, and you earn around $500 additional income each month from this business—but you want to earn $1,000. What we would recommend you do next based on Jim Rohm’s quote is to assess the top five people you are interacting with most when it comes to business.

If you notice you are only hanging around with other eBay sellers who are making $500 a month, well, then it is time to start spending more time with the people earning $1,000 or more.

You have many ways to start shifting your circle of influence:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook groups
  • Forums
  • Local meetup groups

Or …

You could even join the Green Room community! 🙂

Regardless of what you decide to do, it’s super important that you start to hang around with people who are on that next level you are seeking.

This is how you will gain new insights, learn new skills, and discover what it takes to grow your business!

P.S. Check out this video we made. It talks about many of the common reseller misconceptions that exist within our business. You may be surprised with what you learn!