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50 Book Niches

*Important note about this guide*

When it comes to buying and selling books it’s important to always make your buying decisions based on raw data.

Never purchase a book just because it’s on a subject matter/topic that you “think” will sell well or you think is really cool. This is a BIG MISTAKE!

Inside of The Book Business Blueprint we cover in depth exactly how to analyze deals based on buy cost, potential sales price, fees, sales rank, escore and much more.

Now with that being said UPFRONT… the purpose of sharing this list of profitable niches with you is to train your eye correctly.

When it comes to making money selling books (especially as a beginner) it’s important that you recognize the types of books, topics, and subject matters then tend to do best.

Below you will find a list of 50 book niches my students and I have done extremely well with selling on Amazon. If you ever see these books at thrift stores, garage sales, library sales, Facebook Marketplace, etc., then be sure to further investigate!

1. Jewish books
2. Bullfighting books
3. Haynes Car Manuals
4. Chevrolet Car Manuals 5. Ford Car Manuals
6. Toyota Car Manuals
7. Comic Books
8. Chemistry books
9. Traditional Christain Text

  1. Student Bibles
  2. Student Workbooks (check for writing)
  3. Lab Workbooks
  4. Leather bound books
  5. Art Books
  6. Large Coffee Table Books
  7. Massage Therapy Books
  8. Learn Chinese Books
  9. Books in Spanish
  10. Small Travel Guide Books
  11. Harry Potter Sets
  12. Childcraft Sets
  13. Twilight Sets (Hardcover)
  14. 5 Volume Twilight Sets (Hardcover)
  15. Series of Unfortunate Events Set
  16. Horse Books
  17. Sailing Books
  18. Religious 2-Volume Sets
  19. Large Religious Sets
  20. Aerospace Books
  21. Engineering Books
  22. Interior Design Books
  23. Architecture Books
  24. Construction Books
  25. Newer Cookbooks
  26. Niche Cookbooks
  1. Books that include a CD
  2. Books in shrinkwrap (can be listed as new)
  3. Music books
  4. Aspen Case-Study Law Books
  5. Railroad Books
  6. Books on Bisexuality
  7. Books on Homosexuality
  8. Erotic Books
  9. Blank Diaries
  10. Signed Books
  11. 1st Edition Books
  12. Books on Whales
  13. Books on Wrestling
  14. Psychology Books
  15. Loose Leaf Books