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How Much Would It Cost To Finance Your Wildest Dreams?

So many people want to live their wildest dreams, yet they have no clue what it would actually cost to finance it…

How can we expect to build a successful business or attract the money into our lives that we truly desire if we have no clue how much we actually need to live the live we’ve always dreamed of?

Here, I want to share with you an exercise I just put myself through, to determine how much it would cost on a monthly basis to finance my dream life.

The purpose of this exercise to help you realize that affording your dream life isn’t as farfetched as it may seem, and also, that you don’t have to earn 10 million dollars per year to live your dream life.

One more thing I want to emphasize before diving into this exercise is that the point of this exercise isn’t to copy what I’ve documented, nor is it to judge what I would consider to be the ultimate dream life. ( This is my dream… go live yours! )

Everybody is different and we all want various things out of life.

I believe that society has conditioned us in more than just a few ways to believe that having the expensive, nicer things in life, is considered ” taboo ” or that we should feel bad about it. Stop thinking this way.. and allow yourself to dream!


Money is a resource which can either destroy the world or make it a better place. If you have the intention to create abundance in your life for the better, to benefit all around you, that’s all that matters. Be sure to give back and help other’s in need once you achieve your financial goals. That’s what I intent to do!

Okay so let’s dive into this exercise. So what do you have to do?

1.) Come up with the amount of profit you’d like to earn per month. Make sure it’s a dream profit. If you have a clue in your mind how you might earn that – you’re off track. Think of a number that’s at-least 5X to 10X what you’re now earning.

Example: For me I’ve been earning anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 profit per month. So I aimed for earning $50,000 profit per month.

2.) Create a list of all the things you’d want out of your dream life that costs money. It would be best to use a google sheet or excel sheet for doing this.

3.) Research what it would cost you ( on a monthly basis) to finance whatever it is that you’d want.

4.) Add everything up and get your total.

One thing I’d like to say before I share my dream life is that you need to think outside the box.

Don’t worry about how much it would cost, don’t worry about how you will make the money, don’t limit yourself, really think about what you’d like.

Also, don’t forget about taxes, and any other fees that would be associated to possessing whatever it is you posses. This includes insurance, travel expenses, legal fees, all that fun stuff.. ha


$50,000 PROFIT Per Month Business
Luxury Apartment / Utilities $5,000
Car Payment + Insurance $800
Food/ Restaurants $1,500
Health Insurance $400
Clothing $300
Massages / Chiropractic / Health work. $600
Phone $100
Travel / Fun $1,500
Assistans/ VA’s/ Employees $1,500
Education / Classes / Learning $1,000
Contribution $500
Business Tools/ Softwares $750
TAXES $10,000
Bookkeeping & Accounting / Legal $500
Misc / Unexpected $1,000
Investing $3,000
Personal Trainer / Prepared Meals $1,000
Money Remaining $19,550

So there ya go… that’s what it would cost to finance my ultimate dream life.

And to be honest… I had to stretch really far to spend as much money as I possibly could.

And guess what?

There’s still over $19,000 left after all is said and done!

Now do I need everything I put down on my dream life list?

Absolutely not? But I could only imagine HOW COOL it would be to have it all.

What did I gain from this exercise?

1.) I strengthened my ability to dream and went outside my comfort zone.

2.) I felt the feelings of what it would be like to have everything I’d ever wanted.

3.) I strengthened my ” why ”

4.) I had a ton of fun using my imagination. I feel like as we get older we stop dreaming like we used to as kids.

5.) I increased my motivation to work smarter and harder in order to achieve my dreams.

I hope you guys enjoy this exercise and please leave a comment below this blog post sharing how this exercise helped improve your life!

Talk soon,