Over the past few years, I have used a wide variety of products and services that have helped me transform every area of my business.


 I get asked all the time about what I use and personally recommend, which is why I thought it’d be useful to share all of the products and resources that I use (or have used) and love.

This page contains all of the best resources that I’ve used to that you can always come to to improve different aspects of your business.  Whether you want to improve your E-Commerce Businesses, build a passive income online, or improve systems in your business to make your life easier– this section provides tools and resources to help you make it happen.

This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). I only ever endorse products that I have personally used and benefited from personally. 

Thank you for your support!

**Supplies & Equipment**


Industrial Grade Clothing Rack

If you are sick and tired of your cheap walmart brand of mill of the run clothing rack that keeps breaking then it’s time to upgrade your stuff! The clothing rack here is strong, durable, can move easily with the wheels, and will last forever. This rack can hold up to 250 pounds and over 200 pieces of clothing per unit. I love this rack!


Seamless Background Paper

Seamless background paper is an awesome tool to use to really improve your photographs. For the longest time I had been using the stock cloth background which came with my photography kit, and for a while it worked great, but in all honestly I wish I would have upgraded to a seamless background paper sooner. The number one reason why a seamless background paper will improve your photographs is because of the clear – smooth color and lack of wrinkles. This is one of the items I wish I would have invested in sooner. My pictures look so much better now and I have been selling my items for higher prices because of it!

Dress Form Mannequin

If you are just getting started selling clothing on eBay I highly recommend you start off with a hanging mannequin because it is much cheaper, but if you are looking to step up your game, and take your business to a new level, a dress form mannequin will really make a difference in your pictures. There is something about the dress form mannequin that helps the potentials buyer’s on eBay really imagine what the clothing item would look like on them. In addition, using the dress form mannequin it presents your items in a much more professional manner. Anything you can do to make your listings stick out from others and the competition the better your will increase your chances of making consistent profitable sales! I love my dress form mannequin!

Hanging Male Mannequin

If you are just getting started selling men’s clothing on eBay than I highly recommend purchasing a hanging mannequin. The hanging mannequin may not be as clean and professional looking at the dress form mannequin but it sure is a lot cheaper. I am a firm believer in spending the least amount of money at first to assure that selling clothing is something you really want to do for the long term. The last thing I would want you to do is spend $70-$80 dollars on a dress form mannequin only to find out you aren’t cut out for the business. The hanging mannequin will help you make your pictures really ” pop out” and will give your potential customers a sense of professionalism from your listings! 5-6 months down the road when your business has developed I would look into investing in a dress form mannequin to really step up your clothing game on eBay!

Lighting Set Up

Proper lighting is one of the most important factors that plays a huge role in taking high quality pictures. If you are looking to improve your photography skills then I would definitely look into improving your lighting set up. When I first got started selling on eBay I struggled to take consistent high quality photographs because I was depending on the natural light from the windows. While this inexpensive strategy worked great when I first get started, over time I realize how difficult it was to have my picture quality stay consistent from one picture to the next. Once I invested in some high quality lights my pictures came out better and I saved a ton of time!

All In One Basic Photography Kit

If you are looking for a all in one  photography kit that has all the essentials you will need to start taking high quality pictures than this kit will work great for you. The backdrop is pretty sturdy, the lights are bright, the cloth does the job, the umbrellas are large and will diffuse the light great, and setting up and breaking down the overall unit is fairly simple. After a few months you may want to consider replacing the stock cloth backdrop with some seamless background paper to really make your images shine even more!

 Backdrop Only

A backdrop can be extremely beneficial because it will allow you to hang a backdrop from it to take pictures against it. One of the biggest mistakes I see people making in terms of pictures on eBay is having distractions within the picture. A backdrop will eliminate this problem and will allow your picture to be clutter and distraction free. There are many backdrops you can choose from, and most – including this backdrop- will work fine for the beginner!

Poly Mailers (200 – 10×13)

I use poly mailers everyday when it comes to shipping my clothing on eBay. The main purpose for using a poly mailer is to be able to ship your clothing items by ” First Class Mail”. If you are unfamiliar with what first class mail is, in a nutshell, it is the shipping of items which are 13 ounces or less. Shipping through first class mail is the cheapest method you will be able to ship when using the United States Postal Service.

Poly Mailers ( 1000 – 10×13)

These poly mailers are the same as above only in a much larger quantity. If you are selling a high volume of clothing items per month I would suggest buying your supplies in bulk to save money. I love the company that sells these poly mailers. They ship fast and do a great job with the mailers!

Bubble Wrap ( 175 Ft)

Bubble wrap is great for protecting items which you ship to your customers. There is nothing worse then getting that dreaded email from a customer stating that an item had been damaged during shipment. If you are shipping anything which is fragile or has the potential to break, be sure to use some bubble wrap!

Adhesive Shipping Labels

I love using these adhesive shipping labels because they save me time when I am printing my eBay labels to put on my packages. Time = Money! If you are sick and tired of cutting your labels from a piece of computer paper then taping them on your package, then this is a great solution for you! If you purchase these adhesive shipping labels in bulk then these are fairly inexpensive per unit!

Laser Printer

If you are using a ink – jet printer than I highly recommend you consider investing in a laser printer. Not only does this Brother laser printer print EXTREMELY FAST but it is SUPER INEXPENSIVE per copy because of the cheap cost to replace the toner. I use the Generic Toner because it’s super cheap and still works great! This printer has worked wonders for me and I am so happy that i purchased it.  I love this printer – I will never go back to a ink – jet printer again!

Brother Toner ( Authentic Brother)

This is the authentic brother toner directly from the manufacturer. Many people claim that using toner from the manufacture will yield a better result and will give off a higher quality. In all honesty, it does, but for the price, I feel I’d rather opt for the generic toner , but hey – it’s your call. I prefer to use the generic because the quality is comparable, but figured I would include this encase you are worried about the quality. Either toner will work great!

Brother Toner ( 2 Pack: Generic – Save $$$)

As I mentioned previously when it comes to replacing the toner for my Brother 2280 laser printer i prefer to use the generic toner replacements. Many people may say the quality will not compare with the official Brother Manufactured Toner but I have not noticed much of a difference between the two. I have printed thousands of labels with the generic brother toner and it has worked great. Save some money and use the generic Toner!

Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS

The Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS has been a terrific camera for me. Not only do I use this camera to take my eBay pictures, but I also use it for my YouTube videos. It’s a very small camera but really packs a punch. The video quality is awesome and it can easily fit in your pocket. For less than $250 dollars this camera has a lot to offer!

Ultra 55 Shipping Scale

If you are selling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy or any online platform which requires you to ship items then having a shipping scale is a must. The ultra 55 Shipping scale has worked great for me and handles all the work load I require. If you are shipping items that are over 55 pounds then I would suggest looking at the Ultra Ship 75 as it will be able to take on an extra 25 llbs, but either way both scales are great! Having a shipping scale will save you a lot of time and money!

=====> Click Here To Watch My Review Video of This Scale

eBay Thank You Stickers

I love using the eBay thank you stickers because it really helps to look more professional, shows that we care as a seller, and allows us as sellers to get feedback much easier or resolve problems that may arise. These stickers are hard to get at times as they are very popular and consistently go in and out of stock, but if you can get your hands on them, they really work wonders. Just stick inside your package or on a poly bag and let it go to work for you. Customer’s really love these!

Shipping Tape

This is the tape I use for packaging up any items I have for shipment. I used to get the cheap tape at the dollar store but I find that it doesn’t work very well and the tape always strips and gets stuck on the dispenser. Also if you want to try to save some money instead of shopping for Scotch ( Which is the best in my opinion) you can check out your local Walmart, you may be able to save some money on a off brand 🙂 Personally I just like the tape shipped right to my door! If you are shipping big boxes for Amazon FBA make sure your tape is high quality!

Cell Phone ( Samsung Note 3 )

The screen on this Samsung Note 3 Cell phone is huge. This cell phone is perfect for researching items quickly, scanning items for Amazon, running apps, watching educational videos, and much more! I am so happy I purchased this phone and it has had no problems at all! Another great thing about this phone is the long lasting battery life. My mother purchased this phone too and is obsessed with it 🙂


Dell Axim 51

The Dell Axim 51 is a  handheld unit/ scanner that I have personally owned for over a year. I use the scanner to scan mostly books to sell on Amazon FBA and use a service called scoutpal. The main reason I would suggest this  is to use the unit when scanning offline. This unit does not require the internet and works off of a downloaded database. For example – Say you are in a store that has no internet reception and you cannot use your phone to scan, this item would come in handy because it does not rely on the internet. I use a service called scoutpal to power my unit and draw from it’s amazon database. Remember you will need to purchase the actual scanner device to stick into the dell axim 51 unit in order to scan barcodes.

USB Barcode Scanner

If you are selling on Amazon then owning a barcode scanner is a must! This item will save you a ton of time!