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RPS #105 – Selling Expired Ink Online?

Selling Expired Ink Online

It always surprises me when I see it happening. Maybe it’s sitting on the shelf of a Goodwill or at a garage sale later on in the day. People pass it up all the time, and it always surprises me. What am I referring to?

If you’re an intermediate or expert seller and have been in the game for a while, you likely know about this. But there are so many beginner resellers who pass it up.

I’m talking about ink. And it’s ink in general, but to go a step further, it’s expired ink. And what I mean by expired ink is ink that may have expired five, six, seven, or eight years ago. So many people pass it up.

Do Your Research
Now, not all ink is going to make you money. I’m not an ink expert. You’re going to have to do your research and look up the sold listings. It’s amazing that people pass these up and they go for really, really good money.

You should be aware, however, that you cannot sell expired ink on Amazon. You’re going to have to sell it on eBay (which is another reason that even if you are primarily an Amazon seller, you should still have an eBay account). I want to be straightforward with that.

Take, for example, a multipack HP expired ink from August 2013. That would sell for probably $30 or $40, and it’s possible to pick one up at a thrift store or garage sale for, say, $5. It would ship for around a bit more than $3. It would be easy to package and ship. You could put it in a padded poly mailer. It would be an easy $20 or $25 profit. So do not pass up expired ink.

Don’t Pass Up Ink
Expired ink can bring in some excellent profits. It’s easy to ship. It’s easy to store. You likely won’t have many issues with it.

As I said, if you are an experienced seller, you probably already know this, but it surprises me how many sellers don’t know. Do not pass up expired ink. Put the profits in your pockets.

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