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RPS #043 – Are You Planting Seeds 🌱For A Better Tomorrow

Are You Planting Seeds for a Better Tomorrow?

In one of videos, I was testing out a brand-new phone. It was an Apple iPhone 8S Plus that I upgraded from the iPhone 6S Plus. The reason I wanted to get a new phone was, well, first and foremost, I am always on my phone with my business. I’m a content creator. I’m always using the phone to scan and analyze deals. And the new iPhone 8S Plus definitely had some more space. I upgraded from the 64- to the 256-gigabyte model. There was a better battery life as well. The camera was nicer. All these benefits meant that I was planting seeds as an entrepreneur.

The Seasons of Your Business

When you’re an entrepreneur, there are going to be certain times of the year—certain seasons of your business life—when you will focus on planting seeds. When I’m planting seeds, for example, I spend a lot of time working on courses and product launches. I spend time traveling to various seminars. I learn. I am planting a lot of seeds. I’m putting effort into my business that is not necessarily going to pay me today. But three months, six months, 12 months, or 24 months down the road, these little income streams start to pay me every single month.

So if you are looking to grow, scale, and take your business to the next level, you need to ask yourself something. Are you taking the time now to plant a seed that can eventually grow up to pay you down the road? Think of a person who wakes up one day and goes out to the garden. There are all these fruits and vegetables—corn, potatoes, peppers, green beans. The one and only reason the person is reaping those benefits and enjoying that harvest is because this gardener spent the time gathering seeds and preparing the soil. The gardener planted the seeds, took care of them, and watered them. The gardener pulled weeds. This individual took care of the plants throughout their life cycle to enjoy that harvest. As an entrepreneur, it’s the same thing.

Planting and Grinding

Very rarely is money going to flow into your business without you making a conscious effort to plant that initial seed, to nurture it, and to let it grow. So as an entrepreneur, there will be times where you’re just planting seeds and grinding. You’re not going to be harvesting; you’re not going to be making a ton of money. You might be working hard, but you might not be getting the rewards. That’s OK. You are in the season of planting.

Other times the money will just flow in like crazy. You’ll ask yourself, “Where the heck has all this money been coming?” It’s because you took the time to plant. That’s a different season.

So if you’re ever going through that situation, and you are feeling frustrated, you are working hard, you are grinding your face off but just not seeming to be getting the results you want, be patient. You’re planting the seeds; you’re cultivating; you’re taking care of it; you’re nurturing it. Your time will come. It’s just not that season yet. It’s not that part of the year.

What Season Are You in Right Now?

Is it January, February, or March for you in your business? Is it May, June, or July? is it the end of the year? Are you slowing down? Are you hustling hard? Are you picking all the fruits and vegetables out of your garden? Are you planting your seed? Be aware of an appreciate this time of nurturing and cultivating. The harvest will come.

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