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RPS #044 – STOP Feeding Yourself B.S

STOP Feeding Yourself BS

My entire life growing up and even into my early adulthood years, I had this belief—this ultimately limiting belief—that the things I wanted were outside of my reach. This belief—this BS, if you will—held me back from learning and going for the things I truly wanted.

I always thought I wasn’t smart enough. I wasn’t good enough. You might think you don’t have the smarts to start a drop-shipping business or a book-selling business on Amazon. Maybe you’d love to tackle Poshmark but fear you’ll never understand how it works. Or maybe, like myself, you want to learn about how to invest in real estate. But you hesitate to buy that first rental property.

Self-Defeating BS

A basic belief that you are not good enough will limit anything you want in life. You may think you are not physically able to get a fit body. You just aren’t built to feel great, to be happy, to have satisfying relationships, or to have an amazing life. All these things feel like traits that others are just born with, and you were just doomed from the womb.

But that is not true! Everything you want in life is a learnable skill. Go out there. Start watching YouTube videos, start reading books, and start immersing yourself in these various experiences. Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be scared to try it. There are people out there you can learn from through books and audio programs.

You can do a whole bunch of free things as well. Interact with people on the YouTube comments and Facebook groups. Attend meetups. There are endless ways you can go out there and learn whatever it is you want to get a handle on. Do you want to learn how to start a YouTube channel? Go out there. Figure it out. Do you want to learn how to give your first presentation? Go out there and learn. Any goal you have is a learnable skill.

If you have ever felt inadequate or that you are not smart enough, I’m here to tell you that it is all nonsense—it’s BS! It doesn’t matter if the beliefs are internal—things you are telling yourself— or external—things others are telling you. What is holding you back isn’t real—it’s just BS.

Putting in the Work

Now, some people learn a little quicker than others. Me, I’m not necessarily the brightest bulb out there. It takes me a little while to learn things and fully grasp certain concepts. You guys are probably quicker than I am.

But that’s not what makes the biggest difference. What makes the difference is realizing that whatever we want, we can have—but we have to be willing to work for it. How do you work for it? You put in the effort to learn. You gather various resources. You experiment with things and go out there and be patient.

Take the steps and keep learning and working, and the things you want in life will come to fruition.

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