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RPS #045 – Poshmark Selling Tips Boost Your Sales With This Cool Tricks

Poshmark Selling Tips: Boost Your Sales with This Cool Trick

If you sell anything on Poshmark, then you already know what a profitable platform it can be. But to boost your sales and take your business to the next level, you need to know about this cool trick.

I’m talking about the “Offer to Likers” feature on Poshmark. If you are selling on Poshmark, this is definitely something very interesting that can help you to generate more sales and make more money.

What Is the Offer to Likers Feature?

The smart folks at Poshmark introduced this new feature early in 2018. Basically, when people like an item in your store, you can send them a private offer. You have to offer at least 10 percent off your lowest offered price of the past 90 days and $4.99 shipping or free shipping. But anyone else viewing your listing (who has not liked the item) will see it at the same price you had it before. So from the view of the likers you are making the offer to, it’s kind of like you’re doing a sale—but a private one.

How Does Offer to Likers Work?

Let’s say I decide to sell a pair of Jimmy Choo sunglasses. I put them up for sale for $75 on
Poshmark. However, a week goes by, and I haven’t gotten any takers. I really want to make this sale! So I have an option.

On the listing is a Like feature, and I notice that a few people have liked it. Now I can send them a private offer. In order to give the offer, I do have to take money off the shipping and offer at least 10 percent off my listed price. I really want to move these sunglasses, so I decide to offer $60.

When I send the offer, each liker sees “Steve offered you $60 plus $4.99 shipping.” Many customers on Poshmark are used to their Closet Clear Out, which is where Poshmark offers reduced shipping for $4.99. So when they see that $4.99 shipping, they get excited and feel like it is a Closet Clear Out happening—but it’s only for them.

Offer to Likers Helps You in Several Ways

Potential buyers will be motivated to snatch up this deal because the offer is good for only 24 hours, and if a buyer declines the offer or decides to counteroffer, the discounted shipping is off the table.

Remember that even though the Offer to Likers goes out to all the people who have liked your item, it’s still worth it to use the feature even if only one person has liked the item. It only takes one buyer to make a sale, after all! This is especially helpful when you have a unique niche item.

So do use the Offer to Likers feature on Poshmark. You can use it when sales are slow. Or you can price some more valuable items on the high end to leave room to make offers to the people who are sure to like that item. The trick is to know how the Offer to Likers feature can help you boost your sales and make you that money!

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