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RPS #047 – The Sad Truth About Success and The Mistake I Made

The Sad Truth about Success and the Mistake I Made

In terms of our goals, each and every one of us has a reason. We have a driving force that is the motivation for why we are going toward our goals.

But that’s not the whole story. There’s an honest part of moving toward our goals that we keep in our minds, and then there’s a dishonest part as well. It’s a part that we don’t often admit to ourselves. Many people will say, for example, that they are trying to lose weight for their health. Or they say they want to start a business to support their families or to have the freedom to live a life of choice and design.

Why Do You Want to Succeed?

But the truth is that most people are really doing it just to impress other people. They’re doing it to appear important. They’re doing it because they want to feel unique. In my case, so many times I wanted to grow my income and build my business to make my family proud. It’s not that I really wanted to show off. But for once I just wanted to be the Man in their eyes. But when you’re trying to succeed for other people, you’re always ultimately going to be disappointed.

There was a time when I wasn’t making more than $25,000 a year. I was driving a broken-down car. I was $23,000 in debt. I was out of shape and unhealthy. I felt like the epitome of a loser. And I didn’t want to look like a loser in the eyes of the world.
And so I made progress toward my goals.

This Is What Happens When We Reach Our Goals

Sure, when you succeed, people will congratulate you. But most people you think are your friends—even your family members—are not going to throw a party for you. They’re not suddenly going to say, “Wow, you’re so amazing! Congratulations, you lost all this weight! You just purchased your brand-new dream car? That’s awesome! Like, oh my God, you are such an extraordinary human specimen!”

We often think that when we accomplish our goals, the world is going to throw a party for us. From what I’ve observed, most people are focused on themselves. Most people are busy working on living their lives. Everyone has problems and challenges and things that they are fixing or improving. In short, most people aren’t fixated on you.

Doing It for Yourself

When you are accomplishing your goals, you’ve got to do it for yourself. The reasons you are working so hard need to be internal and real so that when you get to your accomplishments, you feel a sense of pride in yourself. You will be fulfilled by having achieved the goal, not the congratulations you think are coming.

Yes, others may be happy for you, but most people aren’t going to be as happy for you as you think. Remember that other people are also on their own paths to success. They may not have the time or energy to pay a lot of attention to what you are doing.

So find a reason that really makes you proud. For me, one of the reasons I love to accomplish my goals is that I can help people and serve others. I can make a difference in the lives of others.

You’ve got to find your reason. It may be creating a college fund for your children or helping your parents with their mortgage or retirement savings. Your life needs a driving force that is
honest and real—and not just so others will be impressed by the fancy new car you got.

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