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RPS #053 – The Secret That Changed My Life and Exploded My Results

The Secret That Changed My Life and Exploded My Results

You may feel stuck in one of these situations: You are not making as much money as you’d like. You don’t have the body you want to have. Your energy is not at the level you want it to be. Or maybe relationships with your family and friends don’t feel ideal.

How can you turn these things around? The key is in the tiny decisions you make all day, every single day.

Waking up in the morning and getting in a good workout is easy—when you feel like doing it.But when the alarm goes off and you tell yourself, “I don’t feel good. I’m groggy. I’m tired. I ate too late last night,” what happens then? It’s far too easy to ignore your good intentions and hit the snooze button.

Making the Right Decision Is Easy—But So Is Making the Wrong Decision
I can look back over my health journey of losing more than thirty pounds and getting into the best shape of my life. I can also look at my business and income and remember when I was making $16,000 a year at a dead-end job, and now I’m having launches that do anywhere from $50,000 to $85,000 in a month. How did I do that? How did I go from out of shape and overweight to having a fit, lean body? How did I go from essentially broke to having a thriving business and all these multiple income streams?

It’s been all those tiny decisions.

I’m not saying this to boast and brag. I’m nothing special. And when I think about how I went from having nothing and feeling unhealthy to having a flourishing business and being fit, I know it is all a cumulation of good decisions.

Keep It Simple
And now you are thinking, “Wow, I want to get fit. I want to be healthy. I want to explode my business. But how do I do any of that?”

Don’t overthink things. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Just realize the steps to success are made out of tiny decisions. Those decisions stem from your thoughts, so you need to be very clear in terms of what you want. You need to keep your garden—which is your mind—clean. You need to pull out those weeds, those negative people. The haters. The people who say you can’t do it. Get away from those people and get around people who are making moves.

I have some mornings when I wake up and do not feel good at all. Maybe I ate a bunch of food the night before. Maybe I have a 15-hour day ahead of me. The first thing that comes to my mind is, “I don’t have to work out this morning. My stomach hurts. I have a crazy schedule today. I’m exhausted already. I shouldn’t do it. I’ve already lost weight. I’ll be find skipping the gym just this one time.”

But all that is my mind trying to trick me. It is trying to keep me down.

When I have all these excuses, I get up and work out anyway. And then afterward I jump into the shower and feel like a million bucks.

Again, I’m not bragging. I’m not special, and the technique is honestly nothing complicated. I just don’t let my mind get in my way anymore.

When Your Mind Isn’t in Your Corner
Don’t negotiate with your mind. It wants to trick you. It wants to hold you down. It doesn’t necessarily want you to succeed. It would rather keep you comfortable—keep the status quo—than let you do what is better for you and for your life.

So just make the right decision in the moment. The steps of success are made out of those tiny things. Get around positive people, figure out what you want, and just go for it. Don’t let fear of getting out of your comfort zone get in your way. You can do it.

If I can do it—somebody who had nothing and who was overweight and smoking two packs of cigarettes a day—then you can do it. I was broke out of my mind, and now I have a thriving business, multiple income streams, and passive income. I am helping thousands of people. And you can do the same thing.

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