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RPS #054 – Are Tony Robbins Seminars a Scam

Are Tony Robbins Seminars a Scam?

Tony Robbins is a household name, and pretty much everyone has heard of his seminars. I’ve gone to a few, so I often get asked, “Steve, like…why do you go to a Tony Robbins event? Does it really help? Is it a bunch of rah-rah stuff just to get you motivated?”

The reality is that it is a little bit of everything. They share a lot of strategies with you in terms of business, health, self-development, and motivation. Tony Robbins isn’t speaking the entire time. Various speakers come onstage to talk about different topics.

You Get to Network with Like-Minded, Motivated People
When you get to be around motivated people who want to become the best version of themselves, it’s contagious. Hanging out with people who are on another level and who are grinding, hustling, and busy being positive just brings you up. It makes you a better person. And any Tony Robbins seminar will be full of these people. The energy you get from these awesome people makes you want to go out there and crush it and make it happen.

These events are also great for networking. I’ve met some really cool people through attending these seminars. Several contacts I stay in touch with today. You never know whose brain you will someday need to pick about a particular aspect of business or who will be helpful as you are leveling up your game, so having a cadre of smart, motivated people is essential.

It’s a Good Place to Gain Clarity
These seminars have many goal-setting activities and workshops. There are opportunities to find the driving force in your motivation behind your goals. Anybody can set a goal, but that’s only half of it. Through these seminars you will be able to put strategies in place to remember that goal, get excited about that goal, and continue going toward that goal when your back is against the wall. Tony Robbins is really good at that stuff. It’s not only the motivation but the concrete plans you can utilize to help achieve your goals.

I’ve done one-on-one activities at these seminars too. So in this room full of some 5,000 people, Tony Robbins told us to find one person, sit down with this individual, and share five insecurities. With an exercise like this, you start to really dig deep into why you haven’t been succeeding, your limitations, and all the little things that are going on in your mind that are holding you back.

And then at the end of the event is the walking on hot coals. The purpose of doing this isn’t to burn your feet and get blisters. It’s to realize that you’re capable of doing a lot more than your mind is allowing you to believe. Many of us believe that we can only make a certain amount of money or can only lose so much weight or attract a certain type of person. But that’s nonsense. It’s BS. We are powerful, limitless creatures, but many times our minds hold us back.

When faced with the idea of walking on coals, most people think, “I can never do that. I would burn my feet. I would die.” But in doing it, you are training your brain to understand   that you’re very powerful and can do more than you think. You can blast through those limitations.

An Intense and Powerful Experience
Of course, I can’t give you every detail about these seminars. But overall, let’s just say over the three days, it’s really, really intense. That is another thing I like about these events. They train you to grind. They’re long, long days—12-hour days for three days. Something special happens when you invest in yourself three days in a row for 12 hours a day. It’s a powerful feeling to know that you’re willing to do that to reach your goals.

I have learned a lot at these events about clarity and goals. I get motivated. I meet awesome people. I’m investing in myself. I’m getting around so many like-minded people, and we are bouncing so many ideas off one another. It’s an amazing thing when you get around people who are actually doing things with their lives. Doing that has made the biggest difference in my life over the past years. That’s what these seminars can do for you.

Tony Robbins talks about business, but it’s more higher-level stuff too. You’re not necessarily going to leave Unleash the Power with specific strategies of how to build a business, but your mind is going to be in a better place. You are going to gain clarity in terms of what you actually want to go after.

You might be on the fence about, for example, doing private label or doing whole. You might be wondering if you should dive into eBay. Well, I can tell you right now that by the end of a Tony Robbins seminar, you’re going to know exactly what you need to go after, what you need to do, and why you need to do it. And that is so powerful for your mind and your journey.

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