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RPS #057 – I had an Epiphany! (Why I’m Having So Much Success Lately)

I Had an Epiphany (Why I’m Having So Much Success Lately)!

Part of my morning ritual is going through my goals and affirmations. And one morning I learned something about myself while I was thinking and reflecting.

The two most important aspects of my success in life are my fitness and my business. I’ve lost a ton of body fat. I am getting in shape, building muscle, and feeling great. With my business, I’m making more money. I’m helping more people. I’m adding more value than I ever have in my whole life, and it’s giving me purpose.

What Has Made the Difference?
And the one thing that I realized has made such a big difference is that every single day, I don’t focus on what I am going to do in one week, in two weeks, or in three weeks.

Yes, I do plan. Planning is important. But each day I ask myself a few questions: What can I do today to test my body, build my endurance, and build muscle? What can I do today to build income and add value? What are three, four, or even five things that I can just crush today to make a difference?

So many times in the past, I told myself, “I’m going to do this tomorrow. I’m going to build this amazing product, make this video, and list these items—tomorrow.” I would make up stupid excuses as to why it had to be tomorrow, but all these things forever remained “tomorrow.” But then I realized it. I had to focus on today. I had to focus on this moment right now.

Today Is What Matters
Don’t worry about tomorrow, the next week, or a year down the road because you never know what the future will bring. Today is the number one day that matters. It’s this moment right now. If you want to do something, do it now. Stop waiting. Stop making up excuses. Stop creating reasons and justifications for why you can’t do it right now. That’s nonsense. Right now is the only time that matters.

So if you want to do something, build something, or even start a YouTube channel, do it now. So many people say they want to start a YouTube channel, but hardly anybody does it because they always say they have to get their editing perfect. They have to work on this or that. They have to get something else done.

Take Action!
But all that doesn’t matter. Just do it today. Today is the day that counts. It’s not about how long you work; it’s about taking action. You can work an hour a day and be mega successful with your health and your business. You just need to be smart and take action every single day. If you are consistent, the compound effect will take control in your life and you will see your success grow.

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