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RPS #060 – What I’ve Realized About Success And Failure

What I’ve Realized about Success and Failure

I’ve noticed one big difference among people who succeed and those who fail. It doesn’t matter what area of life you are looking at—business, finance, personal relationships, health. And what it really has to do with is mindset.

Successful people look toward the tiny actions they need to take each day, and they do them—each and every day. For example, they will set their minds on listing 10 items a day, five days a week. They understand that the small actions every single day compound and create huge effects.

People who don’t accomplish their goals glance at the daily tasks and actions and regularly make excuses.

Doing vs. Meaning to Do
Say you want to lose 30 pounds. You know you need to eat 1,800 a day to accomplish that goal. But then you tell yourself that eating 2,000 this one day—or, if you are being honest with yourself, most days—is good enough. Or you know you need to get in daily exercise, but you are always finding “good” reasons to skip it that day. One day isn’t a big deal, right?

Maybe you are trying to build an eBay business. Well, if you skip a day of going to the garage sales or the thrift store or don’t list one day, your business won’t crash and crumble. It’s only one day, after all. But for people who don’t accomplish their goals, that “one day” often turns into a string of days.

It’s the Little Things
Successful people know that the tiny, seemingly insignificant actions every single day add up and compound into huge things. The tiny things make the big difference between success and failure. The small actions we take every single day—whether it’s listing five items, getting yourself out for a walk, or following some system or process to aid your business—will ultimately mean your success or your failure.

In the moment, the individual actions may not look very important. And in reality, if you skip one or two days, there really won’t be any massive consequences. But over a longer duration, whether it’s a month, or three months, or six months, skipping one thing here and there and developing patterns of not doing what will lead toward your goals makes all the difference in the world. Doing the tiny things every single day will make you successful no matter what your goal is.

Starting Out Isn’t Easy
When you start doing something new, it’s uncomfortable because you are still learning how to do it. Maybe you want to sell books; you have to figure out how to scan them and how to use the Amazon Seller app. There’s a tough learning curve because it’s all new to you.

But those small steps of sourcing and processing get easier, especially if you do it every single day, even if it’s for an hour a day. You don’t have to go crazy and do it 15 hours a day. Just build up that simple discipline of showing up and doing little things, moving you toward your goal every single day, until it becomes a habit. It gets easier, and it actually becomes more fun and more enjoyable; it’s not such a hassle.

The Magic Is in the Process
Focus on the little things. Focus on the process. That’s when the magic happens. Taking steps every single day is going to get you closer to your goal. I mean, it’s great to have a goal, but don’t be so attached only to the outcome that you forget how vital the process is.

Do the little things every single day in your business, and watch as everything changes. You’ve got to be willing to give your goals your time and patience. Live for the process more than you live for the goal.

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