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RPS #075 – 7 Tips to Increase Sales Selling on eBay

7 Tips to Increase Sales Selling on eBay

You’re probably reading this because you sell on eBay but you might not be happy with your results; you want to make more sales. How can you do that? Well, I can tell you right now I have some really good tips for you. Let me share with you these seven tips that will really help you in your business.

#1: List More Items
I know it’s obvious, but I can’t tell you how many people I talk to who have death piles. What is a death pile? It’s a pile of items that you purchased with the intent to resell, but for one reason or another you procrastinated or there was an issue with the item, and now it’s just a pile of just death that keeps stacking up.

List more items. Get in the habit and the routine of listing. Whether it’s five or ten items a day, get into a listing routine. The more you list, the more opportunities you will have available for someone to buy—and that will be more money in your pocket.

#2: Create a Niche Store
For example, if you’re selling men’s clothing, you might want to create a store all about clothing. If you’re selling video games, focus on only video games.

Why would you do that? It will help you with repeat customers. Someone might come to your store and have a great experience buying a certain vintage clothing item or a certain video game, and they might favorite you and come back.

#3: Try Promoted Listings
A promoted listing is kind of like the pay-per-click version of Google AdWords or even Amazon—they have a pay per click program. With promoted listings, you pay a certain percentage of your sale, and what they do is boost your search visibility for your specific item. So the more people who can see your item, the better chance you have of selling it.

#4: Provide Great Customer Service
One of the biggest things you’ve got to do is if people are emailing you and asking you questions is to get back to your emails. One step further, get back to your emails quickly. If you get back within 30 to 60 minutes, your conversions are going to go through the roof. Every hour, every day that you wait and don’t answer them increases the chance that you will lose out on that sale. They’re going to go to somebody else. They may find another product or just go to a retail store.

Provide really good customer service, but more specifically get into those emails that people are sending you. Set up alerts on your phone if you can, or just check eBay a couple times a day. Answer your customers’ questions. It will help you make so many more sales in your business.

#5: Improve Your Photography
One thing I would recommend getting is some photography lights. Get a nice little setup if you can—you can even get one on eBay or Amazon. You don’t need to get a fancy DSLR camera or a Cannon G7X, but make sure the lighting is really good. The camera’s not as important as the lighting.

Make sure that your photos are free of distraction. Don’t have a ton of things in the background, kids running around, or dirt all over the carpet.

#6: Ship Your Items Quickly
I am not just talking about shipping an item as soon as a customer pays. I am suggesting that you try to focus on priority if you can. Going to some of those slower shipping methods creates a bad experience for the customer. The little tab underneath the price will show a prolonged shipping time in terms of when the customer would receive the item, which will increase the odds of them passing on your item.

Do one-day handling time if you can, but do provide a really fast shipping service.

#7: Focus on Items That Have a Market
Hone in on buying and selling items that people are actually interested in purchasing. An item that sells quickly has a big market; something that sells slowly is what we like to call a “long tail.” It’s something that maybe somebody buys once a month or once every three months. There’s nothing wrong with putting some long-tail items in your inventory. Often those are the items that will cost you maybe $3 and will sell for $60, $70, or $80. One of my favorite items to sell are blazers, sport coats, and suits, but I wouldn’t create the entire store based around those because they’re really slow sellers.

How do you know if something has a market? Go onto eBay and search the sold listings. You will start to get a feeling for what’s selling all the time, what’s selling rapidly, and what’s selling for a good price. You will start to notice some of the brands that sell on a regular basis. Those are the items you want to focus on, or else you’re going to have a ton of items in your store that never sell.

Put These Tips into Action
Maybe some of these tips will help you more than others. But do make sure to keep them in mind as you are going about the business of reselling. You are sure to improve your business and just start crushing it on eBay.

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