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RPS #076 – Selling on eBay Full Time From Thrift Stores ( How Often…?)

Selling on eBay Full Time from Thrift Stores: How Often to Go to the Thrift Store

If you are selling on eBay full time or even just thinking about it, you may be wondering how often you need to go to the thrift store to source items to sell. Do you have to go every day, every other day, twice a day, or what?

What Sales Are in Your Area?
For me personally, well, let me start off with this. It depends on where you live. Where I am in Connecticut, every Sunday there’s a half-off sale. So that’s a great day to go in and scoop up stuff at 50 percent off. At Savers, once a month or so, we have sales, so I definitely hit those. Some other stores might have fill-a-bag days, so I would go to those as well. So I would say that going on days when the store is having a sale is the most important.

But How Often?
But besides that, how often should you go? If you are full time, then I would suggest going every day. However, I would suggest you find and concentrate on your specificm honey holes.

What’s a honey hole? Well, we all have one or two thrift stores that tend to do the best for us. Maybe it’s because we know them the most, or maybe it’s just a good opportunity. Find a couple stores where you are always finding items in your niche, and, if you can, go to them at least twice a day—there’s likely always new inventory coming out.

If you only come at night, there are going to be certain resellers who come in during the day and afternoon who are going to swoop up the profits. So twice a day is optimal.

However, I have seen some people who only go out maybe three times a week, and what they do is they go hard. They hit the pavement for up to 12 hours a day. They’ll make a map of up to 15 thrift stores and go through all of them.

But if you’re like me and only going to maybe three thrift stores a day in your area, you may only have to thrift for a half hour or maybe up to two hours. That is what has worked for me. And if you’re part time, just pop in and out. Go to one or two thrift stores a day for maybe 15 minutes each. Doing that, you could definitely make $1,000 or $1,500 a month.

Factors to Consider
Just remember that it depends on where you live, how much inventory you need, how many sales the stores in your area are running, and how much competition you have. If you think about how those things relate to your situation, you will find a routine that fits your lifestyle and your business aspirations.

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