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RPS #080 – Turning $5 YouTube Super chat into $40 Profit at Goodwill!

Turning $5 YouTube Super Chat into $40 Profit at Goodwill!

One day a viewer of my YouTube channel sent me a $5 Super Chat in the YouTube comments, which I appreciated greatly. I told her I was going to go over to Goodwill and make some money with that $5 Super Chat.

I actually ended up spending a little less than $5. It was two items: one hardcover book for $3 and another hardcover for $1. So in all it was $4 and some change. Those two books would give me about $40 in profit after the cost of the goods and fees. So how can you turn $5 in $40 quickly?

Now, you watch a lot of videos and hear people say, “Hey, turn twelve bucks into twelve grand.” Sure, that could happen, but it’s not going to be your realistic, everyday flip that you could come across while going into a thrift store.

A Tale of Two Books
I ended up finding two books, and I just wanted to share them with you.

One book was a hardcover textbook called Neuroscience, Exploring the Brain. I could see that this was a textbook when I spotted it on the shelf. I scanned the book, and it came in at about a 60,000 rank. Any rank—if you’re dealing with a textbook—under 400,000–500,000 is a phenomenal rank. With a rank like 60,000, the book would probably sell within three days. And this book was selling for $25.

So after fees, after placement costs, after everything, costs of goods, I would make about $10 profit on this book. That’s pretty cool—turn $3 into a quick $10 profit.

The better book of the two that I found was called The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos. This was the second edition. I mention that because when you are scanning books, always make sure you are looking at the correct edition. There could be a really wide gap in what the item could sell for based on which edition it is.

So this book had a 172,000 rank at the time I scanned it. Just so you know, rank can change by the day. One day it could be 300,000, and the next day it could be 40,000. It just depends on the sales velocity. But 172,000 is a phenomenal rank. It’s an excellent rank when it comes to textbooks.

I looked through the book, and I saw that it was very clean. I honestly don’t think this book had ever been read; it looked brand new. I would sell it as very good condition. I was selling for around $43. So I would net about $30 profit on this book.

The Bottom Line
Between the two books, that was about $40 net profit after expenses, after cost of goods, after placement fee, after shipping it off, and everything. So four bucks would turn into $40 profit. That would be about ten times my money.

I’m grateful for these thrift stores. Where else can you go and make $40 profit just like that?

I’m very grateful, and I love selling books. Books are one of my favorite items to sell because they’re easy to scan and easy to send in. The return rates are very low, and they’re in big demand.

So what can you do with that $5 in your pocket right now?

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