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RPS #094 – Is it Worth Selling Ties on eBay?

Is It Worth Selling Ties on eBay?

Sometimes people will ask me, “Steve, do ties sell well on eBay?” To answer the question really quickly, yes, ties do sell on eBay. But that’s not the whole answer. You need to find the right ties. It’s very similar to selling clothes on eBay. You’ve got to make sure you find the right brands.

The Right Brands
For example, one of my favorite brands that I love to sell when it comes to ties is Vineyard Vines. Pretty much all Vineyard Vines ties sell really well. Another one is Robert Talbott, but you’ve got to find the right ones. There are specific styles, colors, and models that are going to do much better than others.

What I would recommend to you—and this goes for all types of clothing and accessories—is that you go over to eBay, go into the sold listings, type in “men’s ties” and check “sold listings,” “used,” “United States,” and “Buy It Now.” You can even set a standard for the pricing.

Keep an Eye on Your Profit Margin
Maybe you only want to study ties that sold between $10 and $25. For anything less than $10, you are not likely to make much of a profit unless you are getting the tie for 20 cents or something. It’s true that you can ship a tie very inexpensively because it’s going to be only a few ounces. You can ship it in a poly bag, which won’t cost too much.

For me personally, I don’t like selling ties less than $10 because I like to make at least $10 to $20 profit on an item, and I like my average selling price for a tie to be at least $15 or $20 bucks.

So, yes, ties absolutely do sell on eBay, but as I said, you’ve got to find the right brand. Some tie brands might only get you around $3, maybe up to $6. So the trick is to find the right brands, the right sizes, the right colors, and the right styles.

Only a Small Space Needed
Here’s another thing to love about ties. Some people have limited space. And with ties, you don’t need an extensive storage space. You don’t really need a mannequin. You don’t need a huge space to take photographs. You can literally just lay the tie down on a table, shine some light, take a picture, throw it in a poly bag, and then store it in a bin.

All you need to do is get yourself a little plastic bin, put a number on it—maybe A1 is the first bin, then the second bin is A2—and just start filling up those bins with the inventory. Slap an inventory number on the outside of the poly bag that has the tie in it, put it in the bin, SKU it inside of your eBay listing so you know where to find it, and you can store a hundred or even two hundred ties in one bin.

Now, you want to make sure you have a good system because it might be a hassle to
find it, but ties are also really easy and inexpensive to ship. They’re usually very cheap to acquire too. And people are always looking for ties. But you’ve got to find the right brands. So my best advice for you is to go into the sold listings and study, study, study.

Add Ties in the Mix
Ties are a great item to add to your arsenal. So with your jeans, blazers, sport coats, suits, and dress shirts, get ties into the mix. Just make sure to study the sold listings. The more educated you are, the better chance that you’re going to be able to walk out of thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets with profitable items.

You do have to inspect them to make sure they’re in good shape. You might find ties with coffee stains or different rips and threading coming apart. So give a tie a good inspection. But besides that, go out there and crush it with ties.

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