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RPS #104 – Be Willing To Help Others…

Be Willing to Help Others

So many people I meet are—how do I say it diplomatically?—obsessed with the money. They’re obsessed with keeping any useful information that could help others to themselves.

I’ll tell you right now, I’ve been able to benefit so greatly from lending a hand to people in need—whether it has been friends or family—who wanted to learn about how to make some extra money with Kindle Publishing, with reselling, eBay, Amazon, building a brand—different things like that. My YouTube channel has really been a blessing, as well as doing local meetups. I’ve hosted quite a few Connecticut reseller meetups, and it’s just truly a blessing.

What Goes Around…
And I can say right now that what goes around comes around. If you’re constantly giving and helping others and willing to share, it comes back to you in so many ways. It really does. It happens not only in the form of money but in happiness and being able to make a difference in contribution. It’s been amazing for me. It always stuns me how some people just want to keep everything to themselves; they’re so concerned with this money, with these pieces of paper.

Here’s an example. My mom had been having a down day. I decided how nice it would be if I just called her up, she came over, and I gave her a bunch of books I had to resell. I had about $200 to $300 worth of books, and I gave them all to her.

It feels so amazing to help other people out. When you get into reselling and are in it for three, six, nine, 12 months, you will develop this gift of knowing how to make money easily. It’s a skill set that allows you to be able to keep money flowing to you. It felt so amazing to give back to my mom and for her to be able to have that smile on her face from bringing home a whole bunch of books to make $300 because that means a lot to her.

Make a Difference
It’s just such a great feeling being able to make YouTube videos and have people say to me, “Hey, you made a difference in my life, and you helped me build a business. You helped me save up money to put my kids through college. You helped me be able to get out of my crappy job that I felt so miserable doing.”

I want to encourage the people who watch my channel to go out there and create a YouTube channel of their own and help people. Create a Facebook group. Start posting on Instagram. You might think to yourself, “I don’t know that much; I’m not an expert,” but I can tell you right now that there are so many ways you can add value outside of being the expert.

Just by sharing your journey, the ups and downs, you could save people so much time. You can save people so much stress and money. Being able to help others and give before trying to take is an amazing feeling. Seeing the smile on my mother's face when I gave her all those was simply wonderful.

Opportunities Abound
When I go picking with people, I’m not super crazy about always having to be first to get the deals. I truly do believe that there’s plenty to go around. I know that the more that I give, the more that comes back to me.

My life has changed considerably—finances, my business, my happiness, my health, relationships. Everything is changing because I’m changing. I’m not focusing on me; I’m focusing on giving and helping others. This world would be such a better place if people just started thinking about how to help others.

If you’re selling on eBay, if you’re selling on Amazon, if you’re doing wholesale or private label, if you have your own Shopify store, if you’re publishing your own books, if you’re launching your own products, whatever it is, the opportunities are endless. They are. And if your number one goal is to add value to others, help people, and create a solution and put systems in place, nothing can stop you.

No Need for Greed
Don’t feel as though you need to try to be greedy. Don’t be overly worried about the money. Focus on giving and helping others, and I can promise you success will come back to you. Sometimes it takes a while, but I promise you it will happen.

If you have that urge inside of you that you want to give and share and document, put yourself out there. Just do it. If you’re not an expert, you can give just as much value, if not more, by just documenting your process.

So many people want to come on the scene and be the expert and sell a product instantly. The game has changed. Just document. You can add value by documenting your journey, by adding value to people through entertainment and through sharing your finds and even through sharing the mistakes you’ve made.

Just concentrate on adding value to people’s lives however you can, and you will see your life transform before your eyes.

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