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RPS #107 – New Resellers Please Take This Advice And Give Yourself A Fighting Chance To Win

New Resellers, Please Take This Advice and Give Yourself a Fighting Chance to Win

I’ve been talking to a lot of new sellers lately who are just getting started. A common thing I’ve been noticing among them is something I want to touch on because it holds a lot of people back. What I’m talking about is so many people get started on eBay or Amazon or craigslist, and they’re so fearful of making a mistake.

You cannot avoid mistakes when you are brand new. You are going to make a mistake—a small one, a big one. Mistakes are going to happen. You’re going to make mistakes. There is nothing you can do about it.

Now, obviously you can take courses, read books, join membership sites and free Facebook groups, and watch YouTube videos. What that will do is help you minimize your mistakes, which is huge. But you’re never going to be able to fully avoid making mistakes. It’s just not going to happen.

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back
You don’t want to approach a new business thinking to yourself, “I got to avoid mistakes. I can’t make a mistake. I got to do everything right. I can’t do anything wrong.”

In doing that, you’re focusing on the negative. What you want to do is take massive amounts of action. When you do make a mistake, try not to repeat that mistake again.

For example, maybe you’re just getting started selling on eBay. Maybe it’s your first month in business, and you’re excited. You’re a little overwhelmed, and one day you realize you shipped out two items to the opposite people. Maybe the Brooks Brothers shirt was supposed to go here, and the Ralph Lauren polo was supposed to go there. You think, “Oh my God, I just made a mistake.” You’re freaking out and going nuts.

Take care of the problem. Fix it. And then create a solution for the next time to make sure you don’t make that mistake again. Create some type of system.

Maybe when you’re shipping, you want to make sure that you take more time and not rush. For example, when you sell five pieces of clothing, maybe you want to put them all in poly bags and poly mailers and write what’s on the inside of each package and the weight. Then when you go to print out the labels, you know what’s inside each package. It might make shipping a little easier, and you’re not mixing things up. That’s a small example.

The people who are most successful in any business have tried the various methods and taken the most action and made the most mistakes. But the key takeaway is when you make a mistake, realize you made a mistake. It’s okay. What can you do next time to avoid making the same mistake? What system can you put in place? What can you do differently? That’s the key right there.

Getting  Back Up                                                                                       So many people are scared to scale their business and take massive action because they’re fearful that they’re going to make mistakes. I’ll tell you right now you can’t avoid it. You’re going to make mistakes. You can do certain things to minimize making mistakes, but you can never fully take yourself out of the equation in terms of making mistakes.

If you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up. If you get knocked down, the key that will separate the winners from the losers isn’t being knocked down, but getting back up. The winners—when they make a mistake, when something goes wrong, when they’re scared—keep pushing forward. They get back up. They keep throwing punches.

They don’t give up, and that’s really the key right there.

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