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RPS #112 – Best Product Category For New Resellers On Ebay And Amazon?

Best Product Category for New Resellers on eBay and Amazon

I know it’s tough when you're new. I know it’s tough when you’re trying to figure out what to sell and what type of items to get involved with.

You probably see all these other YouTubers and people on Facebook who are making money with eBay, Amazon, and different products of their own. Maybe you’re working a job and decide you want to make a little side cash. You want to get your hustle on. So what should you start with? What are the best items to get started with when you are brand new?

For someone on eBay, I’d say the best item to get started with is clothing. You can get it dirt cheap. There’s not a ton of competition out there. There’re a million different types of items, and literally you could walk into pretty much any thrift store in America and find a deal.

Yes, clothing is a little bit harder work. It takes some time and effort. So if you’re against that, then maybe look toward something else. But I think it’s a great product to get started with on eBay.

Books are a great way to get your foot in the door selling on Amazon. You could sell as a merchant, which means you are going have to fulfill all your products and house all your products yourself and deal with customer service. The better option in my opinion is to go FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon, selling books. If you happen to have yourself a smartphone and have an Amazon account, get the Amazon Seller app and start scanning books.

Books are a lot more competitive and have a lower entry to get into versus clothing. Amazon makes it so easy to sell books. Literally, you scan it. You don’t even have to analyze the deal yourself. You just look at the app. If it’s a good deal, you send it into Amazon. They fulfill the orders for you, and essentially you collect a check. Now, it’s not that easy, but books are a great way to get started in reselling in general and on Amazon FBA.

The thing I love about books and clothing is they’re abundant. Go into any thrift store. What do you see the most of? It’s clothing and books. Books are everywhere. It’s cheap to get into. Usually you can get books for a dollar or two if you go to book sales. They’re cheap, and the margins are great.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Started
Of course, all this will be based on where you live. But when someone asks me what two types of items they should start with, I always say clothing on eBay and books on Amazon.

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