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RPS #117 – Don’t Make These Simple Yet Common Thrift Store Mistakes As A Reseller

Don’t Make These Simple Yet Common Thrift Store Mistakes as a Reseller

There is something that could save you money, save you stress, and help you to grow your business.

Now, this is very simple, but this is something that I’ve dropped the ball on before in the past, and it’s just something you don’t want to do. This is a simple thing you can do. It takes one minute, and it’ll save a lot of stress and put more money in your pocket.

A Simple Step
What is this that I am talking about? Double-check when you’re checking out of a thrift store that everything is in your bag. Double-check—it’s that simple.

I know you’re thinking to yourself, “Steve, really? How could doing that be such a big deal?”

Oh, it is. The first reason is you want to make sure everything is getting charged correctly. You want to see that all your half-off items are actually coming up as half off. The second reason is that you need to make sure that everything’s actually in your bag.

It has happened to me several times when I’ve been out thrifting and just flying around like a crazy person. I haven’t double-checked my bag or receipt. I get home excited to list a particular item I found that day, and…it’s not in my bag.

I’m thinking to myself, “All right, I paid for that DVD. It’s not in my bag. What happened to it?”

It drives me nuts. And it has happened because I get ahead of myself thinking about the next thrift store or pawn shop or retail store and I am not focusing on what’s going on right now in the moment.

When you’re checking out, double-check everything.

A Cautionary Tale
I was at a Goodwill once, and the lady at the register looked down and said, “Oh crap.” She was looking down on the floor because there was a bag there that she forgot to give to a customer.

It was a bag full of clothes; it must’ve been seven items. How did this customer not realize they didn’t have their clothes? I don't know, but I’ve done it before, and I’m sure you’ve done it as well.

Take a Moment to Make Sure
When you go to check out of a store, make sure you’re getting charged appropriately. If things are half off, sometimes the register doesn’t take that half off. Or they charge you double for some reason—it’s happened to me. Make sure the prices are set accordingly, and also double-check that everything they charge you for you have in your bag. Make sure it’s in your bag, and make sure it gets into your car. Double-check your cart when you’re putting everything into your car.

These are simple things that every now and then I’ve dropped the ball on. Just take a minute to make sure everything’s charged right, that you're not getting overcharged, that everything’s in your cart, and everything’s going to be in your possession. Take a minute now to save 10 minutes, or 20 minutes, or 30 minutes of stress and aggravation.

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