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RPS #126 – Top 10 Tips to Grow Your eBay Business to $100,000 a Year with Daily Refinement

Top 10 Tips to Grow Your eBay Business to $100,000 a Year

If you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or even an advanced reseller, you will be able to find some value in these 10 tips to grow your eBay business.

#1: Source Items That Have a Strong Market
This is very important. Even the CEO of eBay has said that the most important thing is the product. If you find the right product at the right price, then you have a winner.

You see these items on eBay. The pictures are not good. The description is lacking. But the item still sells because it’s something that is trending and it is being sold at the right price.

When you find an item, look at the sold listings on eBay to determine whether or not you even want to investigate it. Check to see if there’s any interest in the item. Don’t just buy things because they’re cheap. Do your research.

#2: List Consistently
I can’t say it enough. You’ve got to list your items. You can buy all you want. You can go to all the thrift stores and garage sales or do wholesale. But if you don’t list your items, you won’t make money.

I can look at your listing habit and guess how much money you make. That’s how important the consistency is. When you get into that habit, it becomes part of you. Your income’s going to grow and grow and grow. Self-awareness is so important when you develop a habit. Creating a habit is not a part-time thing.

If you feel overwhelmed with all this, then start with a couple a day and just do that Monday through Friday. And then you can build slowly beyond that.

#3: Educate Yourself
I’m not afraid to pay for information. I’m not afraid to share my journey and say, “This is what I’m working on.” I value education. Somebody has already done anything that you want to do, so don’t limit yourself by not learning from the experience of others.

Ask around for what courses or resources others have used. You will usually find that people in this business are honest and straightforward with what has worked for them and what hasn’t been worth the time and effort.

#4: Build a Support Team
Always surround yourself with positive energy. And you will find that energy by hanging out with people who are out there doing it and crushing it.

A great support group can keep each other accountable. Here’s the way I look at my network: the tougher and more challenging the question is that we are asking each other, the deeper and closer our relationship is.

You can have fair-weather friends all day, but if someone can call you and say, “Hey, I’m looking at your store. It doesn’t look like you’re doing things the right way,” you’re going to be really, really close with that person. Those are the friends I want. I don’t need any sugar coating. As the saying goes, your network is your net worth.

#5: Use the Right Tools
For example, if you’re selling clothing and don’t have a mannequin, you can still get away with it, but you will do a lot better if you utilize the tools of the trade.

Have dedicated areas for each aspect of your business. For example, you could have three stations for your clothing—one for flat laid, one for mannequin, and one for hanging. Then don’t use those areas for anything else. Keep them free from clutter. Once you have that consistent process, you look like a store. People can tell right way if you’re professional versus every single photo being in a different part of your house. That doesn’t look professional.

Make sure you have an efficient storage system. Whether it’s bins or shelves or drawers, make sure everything is labeled properly. That allows you to streamline your shipping process.

#6: Don’t Forget Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Make sure you are using the right keywords in your titles and descriptions. Keywords are how people find your items. If you have the wrong word in the title or you misspell the title, people will not find your item.

When you search sold listings and find out what’s selling, write down what words they’re using to sell their items. That’s why Sell Similar is so powerful; you can look at the keywords that convert. You can also rank in Google as well. Those keywords are not just only for eBay, they are for different search engines as well.

#7: Give Great Customer Service
How many times have you heard a new seller getting upset about a return or the buyer claiming item not described when they’re just trying to get free shipping? They’re fighting with the buyers. But how important is customer service?

It’s really important. When you’re dealing with customers service, just listen. Then always start with, “I’m sorry,” even if you’re not in the wrong.

For example, let’s say someone says, “Hey, you sent me the wrong item. I want a refund.” Try starting by saying, “Thank you for reaching out to me. I apologize for the inconvenience. Do you mind sending me some pictures?” It’s totally different than all caps, “YOU’RE TRYING TO SCAM ME, BRO.” That’s not going to get you anywhere.

Customer service on every single listing platform will side with sellers that are professional and courteous. Give yourself the best chance at getting your money back. Always act the same way. Be professional.

#8: Figure Out How to Ship
If you’re selling items that weigh 10 to 12 ounces, but you’re shipping via methods that aren’t first class, you’re throwing money down the drain. There are quite a few different ways you can ship. I would highly recommend going to the USPS website and looking through all the different ways to ship, from flat rates to bubble mailers to first class.

Look through every single option on the USPS website by using the shipping tool. Go to the USPS website and order one of every box. I know it can be kind of intimidating, but that’s the best way to learn.

#9: Get Your Marketing Strategies in Place
I’m talking about running sales. On eBay, you can run a sale off of each individual item. You can do a temporary sale for a specific holiday. You can also use coupons you can send to your customer, and only they get 10 percent off your store. It’s important, in my opinion, to run at least two of these sales continuously, and learn what the conversion rates are in different items.

Also, if you can learn replenishable items, don’t be afraid to break even on the first few to get that rank. Some people say, “I need to make profit or I don’t want to do it.” That’s not how it works. You need to get your foot in the door, rank up your items, and get people to trust you.

When you’re first starting on eBay, eBay doesn’t trust you. They don’t know you. But if you start getting consistent velocity and sales, they’re going to trust you. They’re going to understand, “Okay, this person lists 50 items a week.”

You’ve got to understand, at the end of the day, while there are third-party sellers selling on the platform, if, let’s just say, I provide a bad customer experience, the customer is not only mad at me, but they’re mad at eBay. It affects the brand.

So eBay isn’t going to give you a lot of trust at first because they have to protect their brand. Definitely keep that in mind.

#10: Listen to Your Customers and Continually Improve Your Business
When you’re first starting on eBay, you have zero feedback. We all started there. It takes a lot to earn feedback. Every time you earn it by just basically following through with your customers.

Don’t be afraid to send them an email and say, “Hey, I’m just getting started on eBay. Is there something I could’ve done better? Are there other items that you’re looking for?”

Customers will tell you. No one is offended by a humble person asking for help. However, if you write the email and say, “I need to know what you think,” that’s not going to work. But if you say, “I need some help,” it’s very likely that the person will give you some feedback.

Focus on what your customers want. It’s easy to think about what you want, but change your focus to what your customers want.

Take Action!
If these tips are inspiring you, that’s a good thing. Go out there and take action. All these tips are really worthless unless you go out there and apply them. Get started.

Don’t worry about making mistakes. I made a million and one mistakes. But as many times as I may have gotten knocked down, I continually get up. If I can do it, you can definitely do it.

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