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RPS # 132 – If You’re A RESELLER… You Could Be Losing THOUSANDS Of Dollars….

If You’re a RESELLER…You Could Be Losing THOUSANDS of Dollars

The other morning, I went to the gym early. I did my leg workout. When I left the gym, it was about 8:55. I passed by a Goodwill that opens at 9:00. That was when I began a conversation with myself.

First, I said to myself, “I don’t really feel like going to Goodwill. I want to go home, get a meal, and get my day started.”

But then I replied to myself, “Who knows what I’ll be missing out on if I don’t go in there right now?”

What if…?
The truth is that you never know until you go in and show up and see what’s there.

I literally said to myself, “What if I miss out on a $1,000 deal?”

It’s possible. There have been times that I’ve gone into a Goodwill or a Savers or a garage sale or a retail store and made $1,000 just because I had bothered to go inside.

It certainly doesn’t happen every single time, but the point I’m trying to make is this: What does that opportunity cost? I mean, by passing by a thrift store or a garage saleand talking yourself into not going, what’s that costing you?

You Can’t Make Money if You Don’t Show Up
You just don’t know. You don’t know unless you go. If you’re a reseller—hitting garage sales, buying from thrift stores, going to flea markets—you make money by showing up. If you don’t show up, you are not giving yourself a chance to succeed. You don’t know how much money you could be missing out on.

Now, I didn’t kill it at this particular Goodwill on that specific morning. It wasn’t like Jackpot City all day long, but I made a couple hundred bucks by just showing up and giving myself a chance to succeed. I spent about a half hour in there and found some pretty good inventory.

Think about the Opportunity Costs
If you’re ever in a position where you don’t feel like going to a thrift store or a garage sale—maybe it’s your day off, and you’re doing other things—what might it cost you? What might it cost your business by just not giving yourself a chance to succeed and going in for 30 minutes? It could be hundreds of dollars; it could be thousands.

So go out there. Make it happen. If you’re passing by a garage sale, just go up to it quickly. Give yourself a chance. If you’re passing by a Goodwill on your way home, just walk inside. You do not know what you’re missing out on if you don’t go. It’s amazing. The opportunities are out there.

You Are in Charge of Your Business
You are the one who has got to go out there and make it happen. That’s the number one thing. If you don’t show up to the game, you’re never going to get a base hit. If you don’t get out on the ice, you ain’t never going to score a goal. If you don’t get on the field, you have no chance of scoring a touchdown.

Now, that’s maybe one too many sports analogies, but the point is that you should go out and make it happen. Keep on picking and making that money. The profits will follow.

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