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RPS #143 – First 30 Days Reselling? (Avoid This Mistake) You’re Wasting Money!

First 30 Days Reselling: Avoid This Mistake; You’re Wasting Money!

There is one mistake that I would recommend new sellers avoid if you’re just getting started with Amazon or eBay.

Many new sellers haven’t sold anything. They haven’t made any money yet. Maybe they’ve just watched some videos. But they jump into it and start spending all this money on software, supplies, and equipment. They upgrade their phone. They get these recurring subscriptions for scanning apps, and they haven’t even gotten started yet.

I think that’s a big, big mistake, and let me tell you why. If you’re new, the first thing that you need to prove to yourself is that this actually works. There’s a big difference between watching me do it and you doing it yourself. There’s a big difference between seeing it and actually doing it and having that confidence. So many people go out and spend all this money, and then they give up and quit. They waste their time, they waste their money, or maybe they go into debt.

Begin on a Budget
I’d highly recommend getting started on a budget. So, for example, I’ve known several new resellers who have gone out and bought these recurring-subscription scanning apps. It’s not that some of these apps aren’t great, but when you’re new and getting started, just start with the Amazon Seller app.

You don’t need a sophisticated app if you’re just getting started. You need to learn how to scan, how to analyze, and how to ship your first box into Amazon. You don’t need to go out and buy poly bags and poly mailers and an industrial clothing rack because you’re going to scale to a thousand clothing pieces before you even buy and list and sell your first item.

Make Sure This Whole Business Is For You
Be humble at first. Prove to yourself that this actually works. The truth is that this may or may not be the business for you. Many people are so accustomed to following directions, clocking in and clocking out, and being told what to do. They’re not used to being their own boss and being disciplined to do things without somebody coming down and threatening to fire them. I’m telling you, being a complete and total self-starter is harder than you think.

When you’re first getting started, don’t go out and spend all this money on phones and software and subscriptions. First, go out there and use the tools that you have. You don’t have to have all the fanciest tools and stuff to make it work. I remember when I first got started reselling, I didn’t even have a Smartphone, to be honest. I was so broke. I was out there just going based on memory. The first six months I didn’t have a phone. It was crazy, but it taught me a lot.

When you’re first getting started, don’t go out and spend all this money. Just get started, go to some meet-ups, watch some videos, study the sold listings, use the Amazon Seller app, and go from there. Trust me. There’s plenty of time for you to go and buy all the cool equipment and all the gadgets and the scan fobs and the Bluetooth wireless—whatever the next thing to come out that will help you scale your business. But you don’t have to worry about scaling and optimizing when you’re first getting started. Just don’t worry about all that stuff.

Start with an Education
Just get started, learn, and go out there and start visiting the thrift stores. Start visiting the garage sales. Start taking action. Start buying some stuff. Start listing some stuff. Learn the process. Check out YouTube videos on how to ship your first Amazon FBA shipment. Amazon actually has so much documentation, like videos and all different types of tutorials, teaching you how to do it step-by-step.

List that first item on eBay. Learn how to ship an item on eBay. Learn how to process your first return. Just go through the process. Don’t worry about spending a bunch of money at first. It’s not going to help you. Once you start to scale your business, then, yes, it will. But at first, just focus on the process.

There are many great software packages and products out there that can help you scale your business, but there’s a time and place for them. Make sure that you’re at that place so you don’t waste your money.

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