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RPS #147 – Surprisingly Profitable Thrift Store Book Score

What’s happening, everybody on YouTube? Steve here, Raiken profit, coming to you guys with another video. I’m actually right behind Savers. Saver’s is right over here. We got Walmart back here. I actually do quite a bit of sourcing in this area, but in any event, I wanted to make this video, because I want to share with you some cool items that I just recently found, and to the untrained eye, to the average person, I honestly believe that most people will just pass this opportunity up.

So I wanted to share with you what I found. It’s in the book category, but it’s a little different. It’s a little unique. It’s a little outdated, and I was actually quite surprised that these items that I found and scanned were actually selling for some pretty decent money. Let me share with you what I came across here. I ended up picking up four of these old, outdated roadmaps. Right? These little atlases, and they’re pretty old. I mean, they’ve got to be 10 to 20 years old, and I saw them sitting on the shelf over at Saver’s, and I ended up getting these for $1.79 each.

And I said, you know what. These things have got to be rare. They got to be hard to come across. Let’s just scan them. I scanned a couple of them. One was going for $70. I think this one was with a 1.1 million rank which isn’t horrible. This one right here wasn’t the best but I don’t think there were any FBA offers so I’m probably going to shoot for like $25. It does have a 2.8 million rank so that was quite a bit high.

But there was another one in here. I don’t know if it was the Cape Cod or Metro Boston Atlas but one of them had a 300,000 rank. It was going for like $60. So one was going for $70, another was $60, another was $25, another one was right around that same ballpark area and I was just quite surprised that people were still buying these. Now that I think about it I know that there are some folks that, maybe they’re in their 70s or 80s and they’re accustomed to that.

They’re not used applications and Google maps and GPSs and they grew up with good old maps. Believe it or not there was a day and time when we didn’t have GPSs. So that was a cool little find that I came across at Savers, $1.79 each. Should make some decent profit but I just want to make this video and share this little bolo item with you because I almost passed it up. But I thought to myself, this is different. This is unique. Let’s just give it a quick scan.

I used the Amazon seller app and lo and behold there’s some good profit to be made in these items. In terms of the actual brand names on these items, this one’s American Map right here. The one that was selling for the most, this Western Connecticut one, I believe the name was Hagstrom right here. You can even see these were only selling for $24.95 back in the day.

I’m going to see if there’s a date in here. I don’t see a date but it’s got to be the ’90s I’m assuming, but yeah, pretty cool find right there. So if you’ve ever found one of these old-school roadmaps, these ancient pieces of history let me know.

If you ever see them, scan them. I’m not an expert when it comes to those but there were literally four of them sitting on the rack, on the book rack and I scanned them all and they were all selling for decent money.

Now the ranks weren’t spectacular but you want to know what? If I can get something for $1.79 and wait four or five months to flip it for 25 or 30 bucks, I’ll do that all day long especially if there’s not many FBA sellers. So yeah. Hopefully you guys are all doing well. Sorry for not making so many videos. I’ve been super busy, focused on my health.

Been doing a great job with the working out and been busy with the different businesses that I’ve been running but I do want to consistently and continue to make more videos. I’ve got a lot of cool things planned that I’ve been working on behind the scenes that I mentioned in my previous video, probably a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully you guys are doing well. It’s a beautiful day over here. Enjoy your day. Talk to you guys in the next one and have a good one. Peace.

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