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RPS #149 – 8 Money Making Things I Thrifted To Sell On Ebay And Amazon FBA

What’s happening everybody on YouTube? Steve here with Raiken Profit, raikenprofit.com. Coming back to you guys with another video. I just left the Goodwill, which is right over here, and I popped out a couple items. I just want to share with you my little thrift haul and share with you what I found, how much I hope to sell it for, what I paid for it, in hopes to help you out. So if you’re ready to rock and roll, let’s dive into this video.

This is actually an item that I found right before Goodwill at the Salvation Army. I want to share this with you. This is a Disney Pixar Wall-E toy. Pretty cool. You can see the original price tag from ToysRUs that was $16.99. I ended up getting this for $5.99. I forgot what it’s going for. I think it’s going for 20 or 30 bucks. I’ve got to double scan it but I know it was going for some pretty decent cash. Some of these older toys that are outdated and they don’t sell anymore, they go for really good cash. So that was really cool. Always scan, scan the barcodes and see what it’s selling for.

The next item that I picked up was this board game, Great States Junior for ages two to four, no two to four players, ages four to seven. There’s a price tag on the back, an original price tag of $24.99. I ended up paying six bucks for this item right here. I forgot what it’s selling for. I always forget what it’s going for, I think it was going for 20 bucks or something like that. I’ve got to double check this one. But I love board games. Just scan them, scan them all day long. Let me know what this is going for in the comments section because I know you guys love to look up what I buy. I’ll pick up board games and make three or four bucks. I’ll make a 30, 40, 50 percent ROI on these items because they sell quickly. Now again, I forget what the rank was on this and I forget what it’s selling for, but I can only imagine that if I bought it, it’s probably worth some decent cash.

All right, next item up is this Puzz 3D puzzle. This is brand new in the stretch wrap. Check out the price guys, three bucks on this. Pretty confident I’m going to put this on ebay versus Amazon because it’s got a little, it’s really hard to show you this because there’s not a lot of room in this car, but it’s kind of got a little indentation right here. It’s been kind of pressed in a little bit so selling stuff like this on Amazon worries me if it’s not in brand new gift ready condition. What I mean is it’s in perfect condition like it’s coming right off the store shelf. I think this was going for like 30 or 40 bucks new, something around there. So for three bucks, definitely an awesome item. Yeah, cool. Check out Puzz 3D. Some of the Puzz 3D items can go for really, really big money. That one wasn’t super popular.

Here’s another board game, got this from Salvation Army $2.99. These things always do well. This is from 1990, the game is Othello for two players, ages eight to adult. Brand new from 1990. There’s going to be someone out there who played this game when they were a kid, when they were younger, and they’re going to want it new. Because the thing about new is, they know all the pieces are going to be in there. It might not be in perfect shape, there’s some shelf wear and what not, but so many times people buy used board games and the pieces are missing. So if you can find it new, find that people want to buy it more often and for a better value.

Let’s get a thumbnail real quick, hold on one second.

Some more stuff that I popped on. Let me pull out the receipt. For this stuff right here because I got a few of those other Goodwill items a couple days before, this is everything that I just popped on from this Goodwill right here, got the receipt and I spent, what did I spend, I spent $25.25 total. Right there, you probably can’t see it. Ended up getting one, two, three, four, five, six items. So let me share with you what I found.

I’m going to save this one for last because that’s a really good item but I found a bunch of these Fuji Film HQ120 VHS tapes, blank tapes. These things do really well. On Amazon, they were scanning at around 20 bucks. Now I believe these were being ranked in a sub-category so the rank was like 20 and I know it’s not going to sell that fast and the reviews weren’t that great. So it’s a little sketchy but I know I can lock these up and put them on ebay and definitely make some money. But I think I’ll probably just send them into Amazon because I’ve done well with these in past and that’s the beauty about having experience with products. Their rank might not be the best or maybe there’s not a lot of reviews, but you’re confident in selling it because you’ve got experience selling it. I picked up one, two, three, three of those and then I also picked up another one.

This is actually by Sony. You guys, be on the lookout for these items, they do really well. This is a Sony Standard Grade T120VF, 246 minutes, 6 hour tapes. There’s five of them in this bundle, four bucks. This one is actually going, selling for really well on Amazon. It was ranked like 15 or 20 with 40 reviews and it was going for like 21 bucks. So I’ll make about 14 or 15 on that one.

If you’re gated off on Amazon, you can sell DVDs on ebay, right? Or if you’re ungated on Amazon, you’ve got the best of both worlds. I was actually restricted with this item on Amazon. It was six bucks, the DVD is Father Murphy. Apparently, this is somewhat rare. In weird little DVDs like this, I always like to scan them because sometimes they’re just hard to come across and people are willing to pay good money. It looks like these are selling between, I saw some sell for 15 but I saw a good amount sell for 30 on ebay and it was going for like 40 or 50 on Amazon, I believe. Don’t quote me on that, but I think it was going for really high on Amazon but I was restricted. This is season one, Father Murphy, six bucks. It was 100 percent complete. Always make sure to open them up and make sure that all the DVDs are in there and what I always like to do is lift one up. Let me do that. Lift one up and make sure that it’s not all scratched up. These are in really good condition. I’m going to try and sell this for like 25, 30 bucks on ebay. So after fees, I’ll probably make, hopefully, 15 bucks or so on this right there. So that was pretty cool.

I was walking out of the thrift store today, the Goodwill, the one I spent 25 bucks at and saw this. Saw this Age of Empires game. Some of these do really well, others don’t do as well, but this was 100 percent complete. This particular version is going for about 45 or 49 on Amazon, used, at this point in time. Again, it may change. It looks like they were doing well on ebay as well. But a lot of them were coming from the UK. I didn’t see many US sellers but this thing is 100 percent complete right here. This is really, really cool and yeah, for six bucks, I’ll probably, hopefully I’ll make 20, 30 bucks on that. So I made out pretty well.

So yeah, I just wanted to share with you some of the items that I found. Again, popped on these right here. This was a cool little find. The DVD, the Wall-E, all these. I found some pretty good stuff. So you’ve got to go. If you want to get lucky, you’ve got to show up to the thrift store, go picking, dig through the stuff and you can get lucky.

So with that being said guys, hopefully you enjoyed this video. If you did, do me a big favor guys and look down below and smash that like button, leave a comment, let me know how things are going for you. Got a little chest hair showing, I apologize. But let me know how business is going for you guys. Let me know how’s life, how’s business, leave a comment, I love interacting. I read all the comments. Subscribe and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next video.

I’ll talk to you later and keep on picking and making that money. Peace.

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