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RPS #150 – 5 Beginner Tips For Selling Books on Amazon FBA

Hey, what’s going on everybody? I’m YouTube, Steve with Raiken Profit coming to you guys with another video and I’m actually at my little work station area right now in my garage. So if you’re hearing a little bit of an echo, I apologize. I’m going to do the best I can in this video.

In this video, I want to talk a little bit about books and give you guys some tips for selling books. So as you guys can see, I’m in my little work station area right here. I’ve got my laptop with Inventory Lab up and running, I’ve got my Scotty Peelers, I just purchased a new batch and these help with getting the stickers off, so if you ever go sourcing books or whatnot at Goodwill’s, thrift stores, flea markets, wherever you go, one quick tip I have for you is to pick up some Scotty Peelers, they’re on Amazon for like eight or nine dollars. And it’s really easy, you just put the book down, you use it and hopefully it works pretty good, but for me it does the job and you peel it right up and boom you’ve got the sticker off, if that will focus in or not.

So that’s one tip right there, and it’s when you’re prepping your books and you’re getting them all prepared for your shipment, instead of using your fingernails, just use a Scotty Peelers, save your nails and it’s a little bit quicker as well. Another thing is be very, very careful when you are prepping your books that you don’t miss a sticker. I mean this book looks good to go, right? It looks like it’s ready to roll, but if you take a closer look, they hid a sticker right on the binding of that book and I’ll tell you right now, the worst thing you can do it ship in any item, especially a book though with the sticker on because these are usually cheap, you know fifty cents or a dollar. The worst thing you can do is ship in a book that is selling for maybe forty or fifty bucks and it’s got a dollar sticker on the side.

So be very, very careful that you take all the stickers off. Another tip I have for you guys is during the inspection phase, before you actually pay for the book. So let’s just say you’re at a thrift store, because that’s probably going to be the most common place you buy a book to resell on Amazon or whatever platform you use. Say you’re at a bookstore and you take out your phone, trying to see where my phone is, you take out your phone, you pull up your Amazon seller app, I’ve got my app up right now and let’s say you get the app up and you scan it, let’s get this things scanned in. All right, so you’ve scanned the book and as it loads you see a 487,000 rank, and you’re like that’s not a bad rank, it’s got five reviews. Used is coming in at $24.95. You’re like you know what, this is only a dollar or two bucks, I’m going to buy it. Right? That’s what you’re thinking.

Wait, before you buy it, make sure to flip through the book a little bit. Comb through it, make sure all the pages are there. Make sure there’s not like a ton of writing or ripped out pages, or tons of highlighting. And again, you can still sell a book that has writing in it or even a rip in the page, or highlighting or a name written in it. But just inspect it first because it just might not be worth it. If you know, you’re picking up a book for two bucks and it’s only selling for $12, you know you could make three or four dollars on it, but is it really worth it if it’s all destroyed and you’re going to have to sell it in acceptable condition. So be sure to inspect it.

Also, one more thing, look at the back of the book. Some textbooks and various types of books will actually have a CD that comes with it and that could make or break the deal. I will not sell a book that’s supposed to come with a CD and it doesn’t have. I won’t put it up there as acceptable and say it’s missing the CD, because I just feel like you’re playing with fire when you’re doing that. This book actually did have a CD, so that’s why I purchased it. So again, when you’re going through your inspection phase, just check. Make sure the book is in good condition. Make sure there’s not too much writing. Make sure it has the CD and if it does, you should be good to go.

Another tip I have for you when you’re selling books and this is something that’s got me once or twice, and I got back home after I paid for the book and I’m like, what was I thinking? Make sure when you scan the book that it’s the actual same book that’s coming up on the scanner. This camera is probably not going to focus that well. But make sure that the picture matches up with the picture on the book. Sometimes it will say the same title but it will have a different picture on the book and that’s just going to confuse people. Also make sure that the titles line up as well and that, if it’s like a third edition make sure it says third edition as well.

These are just little things that could hurt you in the long run. And the last thing you want to do is ship out a book and have it all ready to go and a customer buys it and it’s not the book they wanted. Then they leave a negative feedback and you’ve got to get it removed, so just be careful. Be careful with books but I love selling books. I love it. I was just checking my stats, my reports under Amazon to see what percentage of my overall sales were coming from books and last month it was about 30% of my overall sales were coming directly from book so I want to say this right now.

If you’re just getting started and maybe you’re thinking to yourself, I don’t know what direction I should go, what I should buy. I want to minimize my risk. I kind of just want to get a feel for Amazon before diving into, you know, maybe retail arbitrage or doing other more complicated things. Books are a great item to invest in, I mean you can get them fairly cheap, they are easy to inspect. They’re easy to ship.

Speaking of shipping, people are always asking me, “Steve, do I have to poly-bag the book? Do I have to do anything special? Like how do you prep it?” Literally for something like this, I’ll probably just send it in like that. I mean you could put a poly-bag around it, just make sure that if you use a poly-bag that it’s nice and secure and the books not going to fall out, and also make sure that there’s a suffocation warning on the poly-bag. Now you can get stickers to put on the poly-bag that has a suffocation warning or you can just order poly-bags that have it already lazered on to it.

Yeah, so that’s about it guys. I just wanted to come to you guys with some quick tips for selling books. Again there’s a good amount of money to be made from books. I love selling books. I get them a lot of times from thrift stores. So, yeah guys, I appreciate you guys watching this video. If you have any more questions regarding books or maybe you just want some more pointers or tips, just leave a comment below. I appreciate it. But yeah, I’ve got to get back to business guys, I’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,

I’ve got about nine or ten books to ship out. I’ve got about seven or eight inside the car that I have to bring inside and prep up as well. But yeah, I’m going to ship out about 15 or 20 books today and that’s they key guys you’ve got to continue to ship.

I don’t care what you’re buying and selling on Amazon if you want to be consistent with your sales or if you want to continue to grow them you’ve got to constantly be shipping in more product. So even if you’re sending in 15 or 20 items at a time, there’s nothing wrong with that. You could even do 50 or 100 or 200. It’s up to you, but keep it flowing, keep the products going into the warehouses and you’ll continue to make more sales. So that being said, thanks for watching guys, I’ll see you on the next video and peace out.

Good bye.

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