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RPS #160 – Low Ball Offers On Ebay

Hey. What’s going on everybody? On YouTube, Steve here, Raiken Profit. RaikenProfit.com, coming back to you with another video. This is going to be a quick video. I had a question come in recently about low ball offers on eBay and how you should handle them. Should you just completely ignore them? Should you resubmit an offer, counteroffer them? What should you do? I just want to give you a little extra additional advice when it comes to low ball offers as well and some of the options that you now have on eBay especially if you’re listening through the mobile device.

I might as well get into that right now. There’s an option that they added. I don’t know how long ago they added it, but if you’re listing your items through the mobile device and I know you could find this on the desktop as well, you can actually set it to decline offers under a certain price. Maybe for example, you’re listing up a pair of Apple AirPods and you’re looking to get $130 for it. You can set it to automatically decline offers that are under $80, so you don’t even waste your time with those low ball offers. That is something to consider because when you start getting into items like AirPods and really popular items, certain Jordan sneakers and electronics, and even some popular clothing items like Ralph Lauren, you’re going to get low ball offer after low ball offer.

One thing you need to understand is the market is huge. There’s going to be people out there who are … They’re willing to pay our buy it now price. There’s people who are looking for an average deal. Then there’s people who are just looking to steal it, whether they’re just trying to save money or resell it as well. Sometimes you’re going to get a lot of offers and it could be a big time suck going through and dealing with that. Just keep that in mind with the app. Over the last week, I’ve actually been setting some boundaries with my offers and declining certain ones that are just a little too low. But also you need to understand that certain customers are just … They’re just low balling you to see how far you could come down. For example, maybe they’re willing to pay 80, but they’re going to just hit you with a $15 offer just to see how much they can knock you down.

John says, “We use auto decline no sales.” You want to keep that in mind. Some customers are going to just low ball you just to see how far you’re going to come down. It’s a good idea to counter back on most offers unless it’s like … Sometimes I get people who … I’m selling an $80 item and they offer me like $3. It’s just ridiculous. Sometimes I’ll ignore those offers because it’s just so offensive, I don’t even want to play that game. But as long as it’s in the ballpark, you always want to counter back on those low ball offers. Don’t get upset. Don’t get angry. That’s part of the negotiation process. I could tell you more than 50% of the time, those low ball offers for me turn into a sale if I play it out. Some of them just want to play that game. They want to submit a low ball to you and they want you to counter and then they want to counter back.

A great tip that I have when you’re playing the counteroffer game is write a little description. There’s a little area for a detailed note. I like to always say with my counter offer, “I’ll ship quickly and safely. The item’s in great condition.” You could even give a little more information about the item to let them know, “Listen this is a great item. I’ve got 2000 feedback,” so on and so forth. Don’t discriminate against the low ball offers. It happens. Like I said, tip number one, if you’re getting sick and tired of the low ball offers, set those auto decline boundaries so you’re not wasting your time. Yeah. That’s pretty much it. It’s part of the game. What are you going to do?

For me personally, I like to offer my listings buy it now 30 days, best offer. I like to put in an auto decline on some of the ridiculous offers. Again, you’ve got to make sure you’re doing your research, you’re pricing your items correctly, you’re taking really good pictures, you’re offering your customers all the information they need to make a buying decisions including your item specifics, any issues, flaws, or just information that they’re going to need. That’s pretty much it. Make sure you’re counter offering back. There’s money to be made and some of these low ballers, they’re just trying to play it out to see how far they could take you down.

Hopefully this video helped you guys out. If you have any tips for dealing with low ball offers, I’d be curious to know what you do and how you handle it. Do you have an auto decline? Do you ignore them? How many times will you counter back? Do you put a little description note in that you feel can kind of help you? John says, “When I counter, I explain that I pay the postage and fees and ask if they would consider my offer and thank them.” That’s a great tip, John. Leave more tips down below. We got a lot of people in the comments right now. Hello everybody. Unfortunately I got to go into the gym right now. It’s one of those days where I am dragging, but you want to know what? I’m here trying to offer you guys value. I’m going to get in, I’m going to kick the crap out of today, and make it happen, go home, get my eBay listings going, get my Amazon shipments out.

I expect you guys to do the same. Go out there and make it happen, but leave some comments down below. Let’s help people out. How do you handle low ball offers? What tips do you have? I would love to hear in the comments. If you enjoyed this video, like, comment, and subscribe. Leslie, I appreciate you watching. Georgie, I thank you so much. Georgia says, “I’m trying to do a super [inaudible] for five, but it won’t let me change the amount from 1.99.” Yeah. Sometimes it’s a little weird like that, but I appreciate it. Don’t worry about it. Save your money. Go out there and source some items, okay? Thanks everybody. Appreciate you all and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye.

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