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RPS #162 – Advice to People Who HATE Listing on eBay

What’s happening everybody? Steve here, Raiken Profit, over at RaikenProfit.com, coming back to you with another video. And I know this topic probably sounds like a broken record on my channel. I always talk about the importance of building a listing routine, and building the habit of listing on a daily basis. Because really, if you wanna grow your Amazon business, or eBay business, or Poshmark business, or Etsy business. It doesn’t matter what reselling platform you’re using, you’ve gotta list your items up.

And one of the reoccurring themes that I hear about, and I see, and I’ve fallen victim to it as well, is this enormous debt pile that us as resellers continue to build, and build, and build. And we’re so addicted, and we’re obsessed with thrifting, and sourcing, and hitting garage sales, but really the lifeblood of our business is listing our items and getting them for sale for potential customers to buy.

So really the purpose of this video is to let you know, listen it’s a lot of fun to go out thrifting, it’s so much fun to freaking go to garage sales and thrift stores, and source using eFLIP, and buying books on Amazon to flip back on FBA, it’s so much fun. But we’ve gotta take the time on a regular basis to either, A, list the items ourselves, or B, put a system in place, aka hire somebody to do the listing for you. You’ve gotta get your listings up. You’ve gotta get your items for sale.

And at first, when you first get started selling at eBay or Amazon, and you’re listing your items on eBay, you’re shipping out FBA packages to Amazon, it’s tough, it’s difficult. You’re literally like, “Ugh, I hate this, this isn’t fun.” But you know like it’s gonna make you money.

But over time, the more you list, the more you get involved with your photography, and the more you go through the process, and you build it into a habit, it becomes easier and easier and easier, and that momentum drives you forward, because you start seeing the results, you start making sales on a regular basis. You stop having as many slow days, and slow weeks, and slow months. And before you know it, you’re making more money than you actually need to pay your bills, and you start growing your income.

Your bank account starts growing. Maybe it was at 1,000 bucks last month, now it’s at 1,300, then a couple months later, it’s at 2,200, and you’re like, “Wow, this actually works, like I’m doing this.” And maybe you even get to the point where you have so much money saved, 10,000, 15, 20,000, enough for you to be able to chill out for three to six months. You say to yourself, “I’ve got enough cushion to quit my job. I’m putting in my 30-day notice or my two-week notice. And I’m doing this, and I’m gonna talk to my husband or my wife, and we’re gonna put a plan together, and we’re gonna make this happen, this is actually something that works. I’ve seen other people on YouTube doing it, and now I’m doing it.”

So that’s what it’s all about, it’s getting into that listing routine, that’s the first step. It’s easy to source, right? It’s easy to stay motivated when things are going well, but you’ve gotta keep that listing routine going, because when things are slow, a lot of times, it’s because your listings and your shipments to Amazon, or whatever platform you’re on, you just haven’t been doing all that you needed to be doing.

So really, I just wanted to chat with you a couple minutes about this, hopefully you guys are having a fantastic day so far and business is going well. Don’t stop listing, don’t stop sourcing, kill that debt pile, make it happen, right? And I think you’re gonna be really happy with the results you get.

So I just wanna say hello, appreciate you guys watching, like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed this video, and I’ll see you in the next one. Peace.

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