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RPS #165 – Selling Used Toys on eBay Hot Selling Item to Flip From Thrift Stores FAST!

Selling Used Toys on eBay: Hot-Selling Item to Flip from Thrift Stores FAST!

I just got finished hanging out with my good friend who is a full-time reseller. He sells toys. He’s crushing it. And what’s really cool is I actually taught this guy to get started with eBay. We started off with clothing and shoes and all different types of random items. As time went on, he found his niche in toys and has just gone on to do amazing things in this area.

He’s been teaching me a lot about toys. He taught me about this one specific item, and I want to share it with you. It’s called Mattel Pixel Chix. This is a toy that you could actually find the various sections at thrift stores or garage sales and sell them on eBay for some pretty good money—$15 to $50 each.

What Is It?
The Mattel Pixel Chix is this multistory house, and if you click into the sold listings, you’ll see that they can go for up to $50. The little sections of the house actually pull out, and you can find these things quite easily over at your local thrift store if you’re looking in the toy section. There are some special edition ones as well, such as a haunted version, that sell quite well too. So if you ever come across one, you can definitely pick it up.

These houses will come in different colors and with different features, so do your research on the most valuable attributes. You can look them up by model number too. They are also electronic, so you are going to want to test them out to make sure everything works.

I can’t break down each and every thing and every little nuance right here. I’m learning just as much as you are learning. So what I recommend is that you look up the Mattel Pixel Chix in the sold listings. Study up and learn as much as possible.

I know that going through the sold listings can be pretty cumbersome. It takes a lot of time and a lot of studying. Don’t hesitate to spend money on a guide if you think that will help you too (I’ve got one available).

I’ve Been Missing Out on This One!
I don’t know how many times I’ve passed these up. Who knows? Maybe 10, 20 times. I’ve focused on clothing and shoes my whole eBay career. And it’s just amazing that as time goes on, I realize how much I don’t know and how much money I’ve passed up.
And that’s why I really want to focus on and study the toys. I think there’s really
awesome profits to be made here.

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