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The Best Way To Ship Clothing On Ebay

The Best Way To Ship Clothing On Ebay

A lot of people have been asking lately, ” Steve, what’s the best way to ship clothing while sellling on eBay”?

Below I will mention how I typically ship clothing.

A.) Clothing item weighs 16oz or less ( T- Shirts, Dress Shirts, Light Accessories )

If the item weighs 16oz or less I will always ship it first class. Typically this will cost around $4 – $5 ( I use a Polybag )

B.) Clothing item weighs more than 16 oz ( Some shirts, Jeans, Sweaters, Light Jackets)

In this scenario I will most likely ( if it fits ) ship my item in a padded flat rate envelope. These typically cost $6 and change. ( Free on USPS.COM )

C.) Clothing item weighs more than 16 oz and won’t fit in a flat rate padded envelope.

In this situation my approach may differ greatly based on size, weight, location of shipment, etc.

The options I would consider are:

1.) Regional rate A boxes ( if the shipment is somewhat close )

2.) Regional rate B boxes ( if the shipment is a little farther away )

3.) Medium Flat Rate Box ( Item is heavy and doesn’t make sense to ship regional rate A or B based on price and possibly size )

4.) If I didn’t promise fast delivery at times I will consider shipping via UPS and or Fed Ex smart post.

5.) At times if will ship priority ( not flat rate ) in a plain box and or a priority branded box.

Tip – Get regional rate A & B boxes on USPS.COM for FREE!

At the end of the day the key is to:

1.) Ship from home off of eBay ( Saves time and lots of money )

2.) Order all these boxes for FREE from the USPS.COM website

3.) Check the rates of all the options mentioned before shipping

4.) Watch a bunch of YouTube videos/ read the USPS rules to understand what you can and cannot do. ( For example first class must be 16oz or less if shipping from home )

Hope this helped and good luck!

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