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Week # 1 - Introduction + Getting Things Off The Ground

Welcome to this mini course. Here you will learn how to build your very own shopify store from scratch in 5 weeks or less.

Each week I will walk you through the process step – by – step until you have successfully built and launched your shopify store!

In this mini course we are going to be focused on building a print on demand shopify store for The Green Room where we will sell custom designed clothing and apparel that appeals to resellers.

If you’ve been wanting to start your own Shopify store for a while but have failed to take action due to being overwhelmed – well now’s your chance!

I do want to mention that I will not be covering every little detail within this course. If you are a Green Room member I will be diving more into the specifics, but this is for members only. My goal throughout this free mini course is to help guide you in the right direction and to give you the tools necessary to quickly and effectively build your store.

Also please remember this. Once you build your store – the works doesn’t end.

To be honest, building your store is only the first step in the process. Once you launch your store the hard work just begins- which is getting your items to sell! This course will not be covering any advanced topics such as email marketing, Facebook marketing, increasing sales, and so on.

To be 100% transparent I am still trying to figure out the marketing phase as well for my personal niche store in order to get my store profitable. So there would be little value in me creating content about it as of now. Maybe at a later date.

The reason I am creating this mini course is to help you build some momentum. For me, I noticed that once I built the infrastructure of my shopify store, and had a solid foundation created, I felt much more motivated to put in the time and effort.


 This mini course is designed for you to go through step by step. In order to get the most from this training please do not jump ahead without completing the actions in front of you. Once you complete the weekly assignments, then and only then should you progress.


Week # 1 - Overview

Determine What Type of Store You Will Create ( Choose Niche )
Sign up for a Shopify store
Create Name For Store And Purchase Domain
Install Shopify Theme
Set up Fiverr & Upwork Accounts

Action # 1 - Determine Store Type / Niche

First things first. You need to decide what type of store you will open.

In my opinion there are two types of stores you will want to consider.

1.) General Store

This is a store that sells everything. Think of a Walmart or a Target. To be honest I recommend NOT going with this approach for your first store because it will be challenging to build your brand and understand who your customer is. Down the road this may be a better option.

2.) Niche Store

This is a store that focuses on serving a specific type of person. An example would be a store for cat lovers. I like the niche store concept because you know exactly who you are selling to and it’s much easier to create products, services, and marketing campaigns once you finally launch your store.

At the end of the day choosing what type of store you want to create is really up to you. My advice when choosing a store is to make sure it’s something you’re interested in and would enjoy working on everyday.

Also make sure the type of store is something that has a super passionate audience that people are interested in. The worst thing you can do is create a store about something that no one cares about. Don’t make that mistake!

Need some ideas for niches?


Action # 2 - Sign Up For Your Shopify Store

Now that you’ve decided what type of store you will open the next thing you need to do is sign up for Shopify. Currently they have a 14 day free trial offer that you can sign up for without paying anything up front.

If you would please be kind enough to go through our affiliate link  we’d appreciate that. Each sale gives us a little kick back commission and would be much appreciated due to the hardwork of creating this free course. This will not cost you any additional money when going through our link.

Sign up for 14 day FREE TRIAL here: http://greenroomuniversity.com/shopifyfreetrial

Action # 3 - Create Name For Store + Purchase Domain

Okay so now’s the time you get to choose the name of your store. Personally I wouldn’t worry too much about this, just make sure your name relates somehow to your store.

In addition, before you choose the name of your store make sure the domain is available on GoDaddy. The domain is what your website will be called, for example ( Greenroomuniversity.com ) that’s our domain for our main website. Make sure to get a domain that has .com at the end.

Important side note

Before purchasing your domain I would take some time to make sure there isn’t already a brand out there using the name you want to choose. Do some research to make sure the name isn’t trademarked / infringes on any other brands. I wouldn’t worry too much about this just spend 5 to 10 minutes google searching / looking on social media. If nothing comes up you should be fine.

Also, before purchasing your domain make sure the name is available on social media. This includes mostly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you can lock down these social media accounts now to reserve the exact name.


Once you find your store name ( use .com ) for hopefully under $20 ( I wouldn’t spend more than that for 1 year ) it’s time to finalize your purchase and move onto the next phase.


As you can see we decided to use the domain TheGreenRoomMerch.com

In addition before checking out I did a quick search for coupon codes and found one for 35% off. This brought my total from $12.17 to $9.92 for 1 year.

Now that you’ve purchased your domain it’s important to connect your domain to your shopify store.

Log into your shopify account -> Online store – > Domains – > Set up Primary Domain – > Then it should prompt you an option to connect your domain on Godaddy with shopify.

If you have any questions with these please send a message to support on Shopify.


Action # 4 - Install Shopify Theme

Here I will show you what theme I recommend to use and how to do install it. Please follow the video below.

Action # 5 - Set up Fiverr & Upwork accounts

Unless you are a talented graphic designer then you will want to sign up for either a fiverr or upwork account.

These websites are full of talented freelance graphic designers at a reasonable price.

Sign up for these accounts now and add your billing information so you’re ready to rock and roll next week when it comes to ordering your logo and graphics for your store.



Personally I prefer working more intimately with my virtual assistants so in that case I’d recommend using Upwork.

So there you go. All done with week # 1!!!

Week # 2 –  Overview

– Ordering graphics for store
– Ordering Logo for store
– Setting up social media ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)
– Researching best selling designs
– Putting out job posting on Fiverr or Upwork

P.S – If you want more help with setting up your shopify store be sure to join The Green Room community. I’ll personally be in the group answering everyones Shopify questions as we go through the 5 week course.

Join The Green Room – https://greenroom.samcart.com/products/membership/