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Video 1: eBay

Welcome to the first online income stream – eBay.

To learn more about this online income stream, watch the video below and check out the additional information and resources listed below.


Difficulty to Get Started: Very easy

eBay is one of the easiest income streams to start making money from online. You can get started selling stuff that you have laying around the house. This is a great way to make your first $1000 online!

Cost to Start This Business: $50 or less

For some people it won’t require any more. A few things you may need to get started are some shipping & office supplies, printer, and inventory.

Income potential: $2,000+ per month

For most people it’s pretty easy to start making $1,000 to $2,000 per month selling on eBay if you’re willing to put in 20+ hours per week. For others who are willing to put in full time hours it quite possible to make $5,000+ per month profit.

How Long to Start Making Money: 1 week

The great things about eBay is it’s super easy to sell your first item. Do you have any outdated phones, clothing, or shoes laying around the house? If so, list them up at a competitive price and theres a good chance it will sell! Another cool thing about selling on eBay is you can list everything directly from your phone. This makes things so simple to get started!

How much time does this business require: 20 to 40+ hours per week

For the average person it takes about 20+ hours per week to start making $500 to $1,000 per month after about 60 – 90 days. If you’re willing to work hard and study the sold listings on eBay you can do very well fairly quickly selling on eBay.

Passive: No

One of the things I don’t like about eBay is how much time it takes. If you’re looking to build a passive income business online than eBay will not be for you. I more or less use eBay as a way to build income to invest into other online income streams.


What items sell best on eBay?

Honestly, there is no particular type of item that sells best on eBay. My advice is to find something you’re interested in or passionate about selling at first. For me it was men’s clothing. Be sure to spend time scanning the  sold listings on eBay educating yourself about what types of items sell, the market size, pricing strategies, etc.

Should I become an expert in a single niche when first getting started?

I would recommend starting with a single category at first. For example I started with men’s clothing than slowly expanded into shoes, sporting items, electronics, and so on. By becoming a master within a single niche at first you will build confidence and allow yourself to grow your business without becoming overwhelmed.

How many items should I list per week on eBay?

The more the better! For me I was able to take my business from part-time to full-time by listing about 50 items per week. If you can get to 100 items per week your sales will really take off!

How can I increase sales?

Here are 3 tips that will help you out a ton.

1.) List more items
2.) Run sales on your store
3.) Educate yourself to find more profitable items

Should I ship from home or do everything at the post office?

Always ship from home. eBay will actually give you substantial discount when you print shipping labels through the eBay system. Plus you will save a ton of time avoiding the long lines at the post office.


These are some of the products and courses that I’ve personally created to help people get started and make money online selling on eBay.

The Green Room University

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The Blazing Profits Course

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101 Killer Women’s Shoe Brands

101 Killer  Women’s Jeans Brands

Garage Sale Killer


These are some of the recommended resources for selling on eBay.

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