• ScoutIQ

    This is my #1 scanning app to source & analyze books quickly to sell on Amazon FBA. Armed with real-time data and powerful scanning capabilities, ScoutIQ empowers you to uncover hidden treasures and maximize your profits like never before.

  • Scoutly

    This is another great scanning app. If you live in Canada or in a country ScoutIQ doesn’t work then I highly recommend using this. I don’t personally use this because I’m a ScoutIQ fan but many other resellers rave about this scanning app!


    This is my favorite repricing software. The first month I implemented this software my sales jumped 47%. This automates your pricing, feedback, and product research, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and maximize your sales potential.

  • Flipmine

    Flipmine is the ultimate reseller’s goldmine, empowering you to unearth profitable deals and flip them for maximum profit. With its comprehensive market insights and intuitive features, Flipmine is your key to reselling success.

    Use the code 👉👉 RAIKEN 👈👈 to save 20% in your first 3 months using the app.

  • Tactical Arbitrage

    This is one of the most powerful online arbitrage sourcing software on the market. It’s not cheap but it’s incredibly effective at finding you profitable deals, and profitable product opportunities across multiple platforms.

  • Go2Lister

    This is the 3rd party software I’m currently using to list items on Amazon FBA quickly. This game-changing tool streamlines product listing across multiple platforms, saving you time and boosting your sales with its seamless automation.

  • IP Alert

    This chrome extension will help you identify products who’s brand owners are known to give 3rd party sellers Intellectual Property complaints. This is highly recommended to all Amazon sellers to protect your account.

    Use Code: 👉👉 RAIKEN30 👈👈 for $30 off

  • AZ Alert

    AsinZEN Alert is a cutting-edge software tool that provides real-time alerts and comprehensive analytics for Amazon sellers, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Take control of your Amazon success with AsinZEN Alert today.

  • Keepa

    This powerful tool provides real-time insights, historical price data, and alerts, empowering you to make informed decisions and dominate the e-commerce game. It also will share #1 of sellers, sales velocity, and much more. Every Amazon seller MUST have this.

  • SellerAmp

    This chrome extension makes analyzing, sourcing, and pricing items 10X easier. It helps you gain deep insights into your sales performance and uncover hidden opportunities to skyrocket your profits like never before. This is a must for Amazon sellers!

  • ReplenDashboard

    Replen Dashboard is a powerful inventory management software that helps businesses streamline their supply chain, optimize inventory levels, and maximize profitability by providing real-time insights and automated replenishment suggestions. Take control of your inventory with Replen Dashboard!

  • Nadamoo Barcode Scanner

    This is the Bluetooth scanner I use to scan books fast while out sourcing. From lightning-fast scanning to versatile connectivity options, this compact scanner will revolutionize the way you track and organize your products.

  • Eyoyo Barcode Scanner

    This is another Bluetooth scanner I use to scan books fast while out sourcing. With its high-speed scanning capability and user-friendly design, this scanner will streamline your operations and boost your business to new heights.

  • ACCUTECK Digital Shipping Postal Scale

    Streamline your shipping process with the ACCUTECK ShipPro Digital Shipping Postal Scale. With its high precision and capacity of up to 110lbs, this sleek and reliable scale is the ultimate tool for accurately weighing packages, ensuring efficient shipping and delivery for your business.

  • Fuzion Digital Shipping Scale

    Take the guesswork out of shipping with the Fuzion Digital Shipping Scale. With its sturdy construction, large stainless steel platform, and high precision, this scale ensures accurate weighing of packages up to 330lbs, making it a must-have tool for businesses, offices, and even pet owners.

  • OnlineJobs PH

    This is the website I use to hire quality virtual assistants to help me grow my online business. It is the premier platform connecting businesses with skilled virtual professionals from the Philippines. If it wasn’t for my team, I wouldn’t be able to achieve so much in my business.


    Experience the future of work with UPWORK.COM, the ultimate platform connecting businesses with top freelancers from around the globe. Get access to a pool of diverse talent, build your dream team, and accomplish your projects with unmatched efficiency and success.

  • Rollo Label Printer

    Upgrade your labeling game with the Rollo Label Printer, the ultimate solution for seamless and professional-quality printing. From shipping labels to barcodes, this high-speed printer ensures crisp, smudge-free prints, empowering your business to thrive with efficiency and style.

  • Brother Laser Printer

    This is the printer I’m currently using to print the 30-up labels to place over the barcodes on my books and other products. From crisp text to vibrant graphics, this high-performance printer delivers exceptional results, making it the perfect choice for your home or office printing needs.




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