RPS #165 – Selling Used Toys on eBay Hot Selling Item to Flip From Thrift Stores FAST!
Selling Used Toys on eBay: Hot-Selling Item to Flip from Thrift Stores FAST! I just got finished hanging out with my good friend who is a full-time reseller. He sells toys. He’s crushing it. And what’s really cool is I actually taught this guy to get started with eBay. We ... Read More
RPS #164 – “Worst Times to Visit Thrift Stores”
Worst Times to Visit Thrift Stores I’ve been asked before what are the worst times to go to a thrift store, the times when you are less likely to make money and just won’t do very well. It’s Not an Exact Science, But… In general, I’m going to give you ... Read More
RPS #163 – Quit Underestimating Yourself
What’s going on everybody? I’m YouTube Steve here, Raiken Profit, raikenprofit.com, coming back to you with another video. Man, I’ve got a lot of LEGOs back there, I’m not sure if you can see them, but I’ve got a deal that I’m about to me meeting up with a woman, ... Read More
RPS #162 – Advice to People Who HATE Listing on eBay
What’s happening everybody? Steve here, Raiken Profit, over at RaikenProfit.com, coming back to you with another video. And I know this topic probably sounds like a broken record on my channel. I always talk about the importance of building a listing routine, and building the habit of listing on a ... Read More
RPS #161 – Selling items on eBay with Cigarette Smell?
What’s going on, everybody on YouTube? Steve, here, Raiken Profit, over at raikenprofit.com, coming back to you with another educational video, and I have been getting some fabulous questions from you guys on Facebook, over at Raiken Profit, Instagram, over at Raiken Profit, and also, my new little questionnaire at ... Read More
RPS #160 – Low Ball Offers On Ebay
Hey. What’s going on everybody? On YouTube, Steve here, Raiken Profit. RaikenProfit.com, coming back to you with another video. This is going to be a quick video. I had a question come in recently about low ball offers on eBay and how you should handle them. Should you just completely ... Read More