Steve Raiken This Year’s Accomplishments 2023

Every year, I dedicate a few hours to thoroughly review my accomplishments for the entire year.

The purpose of this exercise is to create gratitude and reflection on everything I have achieved It's very easy to forget how far you've come and how hard you've worked.

While some years are easier than others to account for all the wins, it's crucial to acknowledge your victories and consider all that you have achieved. 

This practice not only sets the tone for the upcoming year but also aids in goal setting.

The aim is not to boast or show off, but to engage in reflection, express gratitude, and gear up for the new year.

For full transparency below are all my accomplishments from 2023.

Maybe you'll find some value seeing this exercise done by someone else and it will encourage you to take on this exercise for yourself!

I can promise you it's very valuable to do and feels great once it's finished!

  • Officially reached the million dollar net worth mark after 10 years in business
  • Took my eBay to Amazon business from $300,000 sales in 2022 to $650,000 sales in 2023 and made over 6 figures profit
  • Enrolled over 1,000 students into our various coaching programs in 2023
  • Launched my first software “The E2A Mastersheet” and Optimized my E2A workflow significantly and made it available for my students
  • Invested in converting my garage into a beautiful Amazon workspace for my business
  • Built a powerful web based software to help find more replens in my E2A business (coming soon)
  • Built my first chrome extension scouting tool which helped me source & analyze deals much faster in my E2A business (coming soon)
  • Hosted an E2A Oklahoma mastermind at a mini mansion with my E2A students
  • Attended the Miami Seller Conference and rented a house with my E2A students to help bring our community together
  • Hosted multiple free webinars in 2023 for my viewers to help them learn eBay to Amazon flips, Keepa, Amazon to Amazon flips, Q4 strategy, and more!
  • Launched the Reselling Freedom membership with 7+ coaches and helped support 300 members with 350+ hours of coaching calls in 2023
  • Launched our exclusive E2A mentorship community and held over 100+ coaching calls in 2023
  • Cleaned up both rental properties with power washing, landscaping, and cosmetic work
  • Launched The VA Training Academy with Joji Davenport
  • Launched The Merchant fulfilled course with Kurt
  • Launched The E2A Electronics Masterclass
  • Launched The Reseller Sourcing Handbook for FREE inside Reselling Freedom membership that shares 150+ items they can resell on eBay and Amazon every single month
  • Launched a podcast version of all coaching calls within Reselling Freedom to allow students to enjoy coaching calls on the run
  • Helped Joji launch his Amazon to Amazon Masterclass
  • Starting updating the E2A masterclass program *E2A masterclass 2.0* and have over 100+ brand new videos coming (for free) for current students in 2024
  • Published over 500+ videos in my Amazon influencer store and am now generating over $1,000 per month passive income
  • Generated 6 figures income through affiliate marketing
  • Earned over $15,000 in free money by leveraging credit cards & cashback websites in my business
  • Met with my accountant and put a plan together to max out retirement accounts to reduce tax-bill in 2023
  • Tracked my net worth every month and scrubbed all credit card bills which helped me find multiple fraudulent transactions that I was able to catch and reverse
  • Started working with a prep center and built an entire system with my team to outsource the prep in my Amazon business
  • Published 112 new videos on the YouTube channel
  • Published 300+ videos on Instagram, YT, Tik Tok & FB shorts
  • Grew my email list by 10,000+ new subscribers
  • Received millions of views posting short form content on Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube shorts
  • Attended the Miami seller conference and had a blast at the event and hanging out in Hollywood beach
  • Launched my brand new blog design at and started posting weekly blogs
  • Hired an SEO agency to start cleaning up to improve visibility in the future
  • Launched my Ebay to Amazon Flippers podcast and and starting posting a new episode every Monday
  • Redesigned my YouTube studio at my house and upgraded all my equipment
  • Redesigned my home Office
  • Purchased a standing DESK and a treadmill to exercise while working
  • Created beautiful awards that I ship to my E2A masterclass students who reach the 10K, 50K and 100K monthly sales milestone
  • Consistently dollar cost averaged into my stock portfolio ever month and continued working with my financial planner
  • Hired an agency to help implement the EOS system into the Raiken Profit organization and we followed the protocol for the entire year
  • I consistently met with my leadership team twice a week to review our goals, to-do lists, key objectives ("rocks"), issues, and more
  • Hosted an amazing Christmas party for the Raiken Profit team and gave away a ton of gifts and prizes
  • Gave 13th month bonuses to the Raiken Profit leadership team
  • Hired a full time integrator on to the Raiken Profit Team
  • Hired a full time operations manager on to the Raiken Profit Team
  • Hired a full time social media manager on to the Raiken Profit Team
  • Hired 3 full time videos editors on to the Raiken Profit Team
  • Hired a full time graphic designer on to the Raiken Profit Team
  • Hired 4 full time customer service team members in 2023 to help support the growth of Raiken Profit and to make sure all students were properly taken care of
  • Side note - I hired all my virtual assistants using this website​
  • Built a fantastic system to make sure we pay all teammates, affiliates, and coaches on-time
  • Hired a second full-time bookkeeper for the team, significantly improving our record-keeping and key performance indicators (KPIs), which led to more effective measurement and management of the business.
  • Implemented Help Scout software into our business to better improve our customer service to make sure we don’t miss any support tickets
  • Implemented Notion software to help organize our business and to keep our team on the same page with projects, goals, and more

​Now it's your turn.

Take the time to reflect and feel the gratitude for all your hard work.

Appreciate you all and thank you for following my channel.

And don't forget success is a journey and it takes time.

It's a process that you cannot shortcut without time, education, and hard work.

Much love,