Consider Hiring a Mentor or a Coach – Why I Just Hired One?

If you’ve had a chance to watch my first goals report video of the New Year, then you would have known that I have a ton of goals and aspirations for the next 365 days.

While I have countless  goals, I have a few that I keep closest to my heart and hope to accomplish over the rest of them.

My # 1 goal is to easily and happily weigh 170 pounds and have a thin, fit, muscular, healthy, in shape body by December 31st, 2015 or sooner.

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My Experience Running Sales on eBay

running sales

People always ask me what my thoughts are on running sales on eBay.

To be honest.. I think it’s great!

Let me explain why….

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eBay’s Algorithm Gives you better search results

For some reason every time I run a sale in my eBay store I tend to get more views on my items.

To get a Birdseye glimpse of this easily you can simply pull up your traffic reports within your eBay store and see if you are noticing any changes.

I believe eBay favors sellers … Click Here To Continue Reading...

I Feel Like Giving Up…. ( Please Help )


Recently I had a very nice girl reach out to me on my Facebook page asking for some help.

For the last year or so she had been running multiple online businesses which included eBay, Amazon, Kindle Publishing and a few other sources.

The good thing is she told me she was having a lot of success but there were some issues going on as of late.

Recently she mentioned that she has been becoming quite overwhelmed and really felt like quitting it all.

In the message she … Click Here To Continue Reading... Tutorial: Create An Amazing Cover For Your Book For $5

ebook covers


In today’s day of age it’s easier than ever to have someone create a high quality book cover for you on a budget.

No longer do you have to spend hundreds of dollars, spend countless hours trying to learn sophisticated software’s, or rely on complete strangers with no feedback to create work for your that is extremely import for your business.

With websites like Fiverr you can effortlessly have a high quality cover created for you for less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee in less than a … Click Here To Continue Reading...

Selling Flawed Clothing Items on eBay…. Should You?

stained shirt

One of the most common questions I get through my YouTube channel and  Blog goes a little like this, ” Steve, I have a flawed piece of clothing I picked up to resell, and wanted to know if I could still sell it on eBay even though it has damage to it… any tips?”.

Most of the times I’ve noticed folks don’t pick these items up on purpose.

Typically they buy the clothing item thinking its in great condition, but then, once they go to list it on eBay … Click Here To Continue Reading...

Scanning The Sold Listings: Researching Profitable Clothing Items on eBay

sold listings


When it comes to growing a profitable clothing business on eBay a common trait I notice amongst the individuals who succeed far above their peers is their continual drive towards becoming more educated.

Now while there are many different ways you can go about this, one of of my favorite methods is the method I am going to talk about right now.

That is scanning the sold listings on eBay!

Watch The Video Here:

In a nutshell when you scan the sold listings you are essentially studying what the … Click Here To Continue Reading...

The Secret to Living an Amazing Life!









In this video blog I want to share with you a secret technique I have been using every morning which has helped me to become more productive, more happy, have more energy, grow my business faster, and overall has assisted me in experiencing a higher quality of life.

Now to be honest I want to let you know I didn’t invent this myself.

I actually learned this really cool technique from Tony Robbins while listening to one of his audiobook seminars.

So you’re … Click Here To Continue Reading...

6 Tips for Hiring Virtual Assistants for your Business

virtual assistant







Have you ever wanted to hire a virtual assistant or maybe even multiple virtual assistants for your business?

But maybe you didn’t know where to start?

Or maybe it just seemed like an overwhelming process that you didn’t feel you could pull  off.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s really not that daunting of a task and anyone can do it.

Trust me, if I was able to hire over 25 virtual assistants within the last year, and narrow it down … Click Here To Continue Reading...

How Would I Make Money If I Got Kicked Off eBay?

Recently on my Facebook page I put out a post asking people to ask me a question in which I would answer in my next YouTube video.

I got a ton of questions and the one I chose to answer pertains to getting kicked off eBay.

To paraphrase the question from my good buddy Brock Parks, who’s not only a YouTuber, but also a member of the Green Room asked, ” Steve what would you do if you got kicked off eBay? “.

All in all, I … Click Here To Continue Reading...

You Need To See It Before You Achieve It









Have you ever heard the saying ” it all starts with a vision”.

Well I know I have, and it has been something I’ve always taken to heart.

The reason I am putting together this video blog is because recently I watched an extremely inspiring video from my buddy Jason Bracht over at that really got me thinking.

The premise of the video Jason created on his YouTube Channel was that he credited all of his business success over the years to … Click Here To Continue Reading...