eBay Return Policy

Should you have a return policy on eBay?

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When it comes to having a return policy on eBay I am a firm believer that you must have one.

The question is, what should your return policy be?

Should you offer returns regardless of why the customer is returning the item?

If you accept a return who should pay the return shipping?

If you accept returns how long should you extend out this policy for the customers?

Should returns be money back or a store exchange?Click Here To Continue Reading...

Success Takes Time

How To Become Successful


Do you find yourself becoming stressed out because you are not achieving your financial goals fast enough?

Maybe you see other’s in the same field as you getting the results you desire at lightning speed and can’t figure out how they did it?

This can become quite frustrating and discouraging at times and it is totally understandable.

Trust me; I know firsthand exactly how you feel as I was in the same boat as you once were.

But there is one thing I learned as … Click Here To Continue Reading...

Why Giving More Value To Your Customers Will Make You More Money In Your Business

adding value

Are you focusing on your needs or are you focusing on your customers needs?

What are you doing to add more value to other peoples lives?

This is a question you must be asking yourself before you can see any major difference in the well being of your business!

One thing that I have noticed in business is that the more value you create for other people, the better you make an experience for the end – user, the more you focus on helping others and improving their lives, the … Click Here To Continue Reading...

Why I Love Being An Entrepreneur

4 Reasons I Love Being An Entrepreneur

1 I have been selling clothing on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist, I’ve been creating     YouTube videos, writing books, and have been investing in other mini businesses online for almost two years now and I absolutely love it!

I quit my stressful job at the restaurant, went full time in the business, and have been paying my bills ever since!

I mean of course….. there are things that can get under my skin that pertain to the various online businesses such as dealing with angry … Click Here To Continue Reading...

3 Clothing Items I Sold on eBay!

  3 Clothing Items I Sold on eBay!

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In today’s blog post I will be sharing with you 3 clothing items I’ve sold recently on eBay.

For each item I will explain how much I paid for the item, what it sold for, why I purchased the item, and how long it took to sell. I hope that divulging this information will be able to help you to become more educated and lead to you putting more money in your pocket!

Item # 1

Brooks Brothers Sport Coat

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Excited To Start Blogging Again!

Long Time No See Strangers!

Hey what’s going on everyone!

Just wanted to update you folks and let you know that the blog is back up and running again!

Take a few minutes to check out the new site :)

This time around I plan on doing things way differently!

What I mean by that is I really want to make this blog a consistent part of my life. I want this blog to be a place where I share everything I know, everything I’ve learned, and really provide a TON … Click Here To Continue Reading...