RPS #137 – Starting An Amazon Book Business ( Step 1) Free Account vs. Paid Subscription?
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RPS #136 – Selling Books On Amazon FBA – What Ranks To Buy And What Ranks To PASS!
Selling Books on Amazon FBA: What Ranks to Buy and What Ranks to PASS! I want to talk about selling books on Amazon FBA. Now, I do want to say the advice I’m going to give you will be concerning FBA sellers, so if you’re selling as a merchant, I ... Read More
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RPS #133 – 8 Years Later… And SHE STILL Hasn’t Changed! ( Story Time )
8 Years Later…And SHE STILL Hasn’t Changed! (Story Time) The other day I was getting some groceries, and I ran into this really negative woman I used to work with. I was 29 when I was working at a grocery store called Stop and Shop. I worked in the seafood ... Read More
RPS # 132 – If You’re A RESELLER… You Could Be Losing THOUSANDS Of Dollars….
If You’re a RESELLER…You Could Be Losing THOUSANDS of Dollars The other morning, I went to the gym early. I did my leg workout. When I left the gym, it was about 8:55. I passed by a Goodwill that opens at 9:00. That was when I began a conversation with ... Read More