Expanding Your Book Selling on Amazon: When to Add DVDs and Why?

In the world of selling on Amazon, resellers often begin their journey by selling used books from thrift stores, garage sales, and library sales.

That's how I started my Amazon journey back in 2015...

And thats how my 69 year-old mom started...

8 years later I still recommend starting with book selling on amazon since they are super cheap, easy to find, and the profit margins are HUGE!

However, as your Reselling business grows, you may consider expanding into new avenues to diversify your inventory, find more products to grow your sales, and reduce your risk being locked into only a single niche.

So what's the next best product to resell when you're only selling books?

One popular option I highly recommend is to add DVDs to the mix.

In todays blog, we'll explore the right time to make this transition and the benefits of incorporating DVDs into your Amazon book selling business.

If you prefer to watch YouTube videos vs. reading blogs I just posted a video on my YouTube channel covering this topic

Transitioning from books to DVD's:

So why DVD's? Sourcing DVDs offers several advantages

Personally, I find it extremely easy to source DVD's as most sellers are gated and don't know how to get ungated. I'll share more about how to get ungated shortly.

Furthermore, NEW dvd's have huge profit opportunities and there are typically very few competitors on these Amazon listings.

Especially if you focus on discontinued DVD's... (which is what I do)

Side note:

New book selling on amazon can lead to potential legal issues, as there are law firms actively pursuing sellers engaging in such activities.

Amazon also frowns upon selling new books.

Therefore, avoiding new book sales altogether is highly recommended.

The Benefits of Selling DVDs:

There are several reasons why selling DVDs can be a profitable addition to your business. First, DVDs tend to sell quickly. Additionally, as I mentioned previously, the competition is relatively low compared to other categories.

This means less price tanking and a higher chance of maintaining profitable sales.

When is the Right Time to Transition?

The right time to add DVDs to your inventory is usually around three months into your reselling journey.

This timing allows you to become comfortable with essential skills like scanning items, listing products, and understanding sales ranks.

Once you've gained confidence and want to diversify your inventory or if you're struggling to find enough books, it's a good opportunity to explore DVDs.

Getting Ungated in DVDs:

To begin selling DVDs on Amazon, you need to get ungated in the category. One reliable source for acquiring DVDs is ChristianBook.com​​.

Simply purchase ten copies of a single DVD that already has an active ASIN on Amazon. When the shipment arrives, upload the invoice to Amazon Seller Central to complete the ungating process. The same procedure can be applied to CDs.

Here's an example of an invoice:


Benefits and Considerations:

When selling DVDs, it's important to identify the most profitable items. Personally, I've found that DVDs with sales ranks ranging from 30,000 to 80,000 and staying below 150,000 generally yield good results.

Aim for a minimum profit of $5 per DVD, but be cautious of counterfeits when dealing with new DVDs and low sales ranks.

To wrap things up:

Incorporating DVDs into your book selling business can be a strategic move to diversify your inventory and increase profits.

The ideal time to transition is usually around three months into your reselling journey, once you've gained experience and familiarity with the basics. DVDs offer advantages such as ease of sourcing, quick sales, and reduced competition.

Remember to conduct thorough research, follow the recommended strategies, and stay updated with the available training resources to maximize your success.

Reselling is a journey that requires perseverance, but with the right knowledge and approach, you can build a thriving business.

Good luck on your reselling endeavors!

Much love,


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