The cost of Reselling Freedom varies depending on the package you choose. There are several different packages available, including a monthly subscription and a lifetime access package.

Yes, Reselling Freedom is suitable for beginners who are new to reselling or who are looking to improve their reselling skills. The course material is designed to be accessible and easy to understand, even for those with no prior experience.

Reselling Freedom is unique in that it offers both online course material and access to a community of resellers who can provide support, advice, and encouragement. The course material is also regularly updated to reflect changes in the reselling industry.

Reselling Freedom covers a range of topics related to reselling, including sourcing inventory, listing and pricing items, shipping and fulfillment, and marketing and growing your business.

Reselling Freedom is an online course and community designed to help individuals start and grow their reselling businesses on platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Poshmark.